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located in Fódlan, a part of Fire Emblem: Apotheosis, one of the many universes on RPG.


A continent divided into three different factions: The Adrestian Empire, The Holy Kingdom of Faerghus, and the Leicester Alliance.


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I.Y. 1180 - Ethereal Moon - Friday the 5th
Amaltheas's Quarters - Evening - Cold
Vridel von Hresvelg

Vridel tucked the key back in his pocket, contemplating the door in front of him. Lady Lyanna had long since trusted him with one to the common area between hers and Thea's quarters, but of course he certainly didn't have one to either of those rooms themselves. He could let himself in for Sunday morning practice, but that was about all it was intended for.

Of course, it was very much Friday night, but... he needed to talk to her. And he needed to do it without the others getting in the way, and this was the only method he could think of to make that happen, considering that she was otherwise never alone. Then again... neither was he. When he didn't seek the company of his friends, which was admittedly not often, Monica always seemed to pop up. She'd thus far ruined no fewer than three attempts to talk to Thea, and so this was about the only option he had left.

He was... there was a word for this keen discomfort. One that manifested as a turning of his stomach, over and over like a fish pulled fresh into the boat. Nervous. He was nervous. He still thought he wasn't suited for this, but... if Mercer was right, then for some reason it was his reassurance she sought. His company she wanted, and—well.

Vridel no longer had the strength to deny her himself, if he was what she wanted.

Pulling in a breath to steel his nerves, he strode to Amalthea's door and knocked softly.

There was a soft thud on the ground, and the sounds of feet making their way towards the door. When it opened, it was to Amalthea who looked slightly surprised to see him. But then a tiny smile made it's way onto her lips, and she opened the door wider to let herself out. Without warning, she threw her arms around him, and buried her face in his chest.

“Vi," she murmured softly against him. “Vi, I'm so glad you're here. I... I missed you so much, and I thought..." she trailed off, her arms tightening around him as if she were terrified of letting go.

It wasn't a problem, really, because somehow he found himself holding her just as tightly. A week, it had been, since she'd so much as looked him in the eye. It shouldn't have felt so long—he'd had arguments with his siblings or parents that lasted longer, and barely registered. And yet... and yet a week without the way she looked at him, never mind any of the rest of it, was far too long.

Vridel gathered her up into his arms as much as he could without physically lifting her, though he was tempted to do that as well. “I'm sorry," he said softly, barely recognizing his voice as his own. It was too raspy, weighed down with an unfamiliar emotion that felt like grief and guilt woven together. “I never—Thea, I was never upset with you. Not once. You didn't do anything wrong." He knew he needed to explain, to say more. He owed her that.

But maybe she'd forgive him if he just held her like this for a little while first, breathed in the clean, sweet smell of her and savored the almost-desperate tightness with which she clung to him, too.

She shook her head against him, though. “No, you don't have to apologize. I'm sorry, too. I didn't... I thought that if," she paused to pull in a breath, “I thought that when they appeared again that... they would take me away from you, again. I didn't want that to happen, but I just... I froze, Vi. I shouldn't have, but I did, and... I'm sorry, too."

“I was afraid that if they did take me again, that I wouldn't be able to see you anymore. That I wouldn't be able to practice or dance with you, or even... even just be here. With you. You're... you mean more to me than anything in the world, Vi. And I couldn't stand it if I lost you," she murmured against him. She didn't seem inclined to release her hold any time soon.

He pulled in a soft breath, trying not to let the words lay him out flat. Because somehow he knew that from her, they were not simply words. They weren't said to fool him, entice him or draw something from him. She didn't care about his Crests, his blood, his throne. She cared about him.

And he'd hurt her.

He did pick her up, then, walking her over to the sofa because he wasn't sure he was allowed in her room and didn't want to assume anything right now. He set her atop the back of it without letting go, so that they'd be closer to the same height and he could hug her closer. Vridel swallowed thickly, resting one hand at the side of her head, fingers curling up over her crown. He noticed, dimly, that she'd cut her hair, but the thought disappeared again a moment later.

“It's not your fault, remember?" he said, stroking her hair softly and still holding her to him with the other hand. “What they did to you isn't your fault. Everyone handles that kind of thing differently, Thea. I—" He pulled back, just enough to meet her eyes, but not so much that the embrace broke.

“I'm so sorry. I was—I was afraid, too. And angry. Not at you—at him. Them. For everything they've done, but most of all for what they did to you. I thought... I thought if I could just end them, then..." Vridel swallowed, closing his eyes and gathering the wherewithal to admit what was to him a deeply-held secret. One even he had not quite realized he'd been holding. “Then you'd be safe. I wanted to protect you, but I also—I wanted it to be me who did it." He shifted his eyes away, unable to maintain eye contact.

“It was selfish. Arrogant. And I hurt you." He huffed, but it was a bitter sound, with a hint of loathing in it. For himself, of course. His voice lowered until it was barely audible. “No matter what I do, I always seem to hurt you."

It was she who broke the embrace, but perhaps so that she could move her arms to rest her hands on his face. She forced his head so that she was staring at him, intently. Her brows were furrowed, and her eyes were searching his for something. Suddenly, she lurched forward and her lips were on his, something at once desparate, but tender and loving. When she pulled back, her eyes were still intent on him.

“Never." It came out rather harsh, but it didn't seem like that was the way she'd meant it. “Vi, you could never hurt me. I... I love you, I really do, and... you've never done anything to hurt me at all. I thought that I hurt you somehow because I wasn't... I wasn't strong enough to protect myself, or you, or anyone else that day. You, more than anyone, make me feel safe, Vi. Even with them still out there, you're the only one who makes me feel safe. And... when you were avoiding me, and I couldn't bring myself to see you... I didn't feel safe at all. I felt... exposed."

Vridel had never been so caught off guard by a kiss in his life.

Maybe, he thought, it was because no kiss in his life had ever mattered so much. Everything, he was learning, meant so much more then it was her. Including words, which she was saying, and he was doing his best to listen, he really was. He was pretty sure he caught the important ones, to be fair, something about feeling safer with him, and it warmed his chest, it really did. Made him feel warm and light and worth something, if he was the one who could make her feel that way.

But now that she'd kissed him, he found it very, very difficult to think about anything else just now, and no sooner had she finished speaking than the hand at her head threaded almost roughly into the verdant strands of her hair and he used his hand at her waist to pull their bodies flush against each other, leaning down for another.

It was just as desperate, and—he was surprised to realize—just as tender, at least when he remembered himself and softened it, turning it into a soft chain of them, little sips of her mouth, delicate things with a thread of heat still stringing them together. He was good at this; he knew that without arrogance. Used to it. And yet the fact that for once it mattered made it feel different than any time before. “Then don't leave my side," he murmured between them. “Don't let me leave yours."

“Never, Vi. I'd never want you to leave, and I don't want to leave you, either," she murmured as well. “I just want to be with you, and only you. I don't want you to leave, and I don't want anyone else to try and take us away from each other. I'm not... I know I'm not that special, and I'm not... someone important to anyone, but when I'm with you..." she trailed off.

“None of that matters because I'm with you, and I don't care what anyone else thinks or says. The only words and thoughts that do matter are yours because... because you're all I think about. All I've ever really, selfishly wanted," she murmured against him.

Vridel paused, bringing his forehead down to rest against hers, shifting both hands so that he was cradling both sides of her face, his thumbs resting against her cheekbones. He had a fair idea he knew who had made her feel that way, and this only intensified his anger, something he tried to quash for her sake. That wasn't the part of him she needed, as had been made quite clear.

“Thea," he said softly. “You are special. To me, you're—" He swallowed, brushing the tips of his thumbs beneath her eyes. “I never lose my composure over anyone or anything but you. No one else has ever made me feel—feel like this." Was it the kind of love everyone else talked about like it was the most important thing in the entire world?

Vridel had no idea what that felt like, but if it was anything like this, then he could understand the fuss.

Her entire face lit up, and she smiled brightly at him as if something he said, or did, made her feel like that. “You're special to me, too, Vi. You've helped me experience so many new things, and helped me to better understand the world around me. I'm... learning new things almost every day with you, and I want to keep learning these things. For however long you'll be with me, I want you to teach me new things, show me new things, but more importantly," she trailed off so that she could look him straight in the eyes.

“I want you to just be with me, and... I know it's hard, but don't blame yourself for what happened to me. I don't blame you, and I never will. The... the only thing I'll blame you for is making me fall in love with you, but I don't think that's such a bad thing," her smile softened, then.

He felt a hard pang in his chest, like a spike of cold iron. He expelled a breath, and wrapped his arms around her, tucking his chin atop her head. It might be, soon enough, that she did blame him for that. Because he might not be with her for very long at all.

“I'll do my best," he promised, knowing, at least, that he could keep that one.