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No one had asked her if she wanted to go to the dance. Yet, her mother was insistent on remaining as typical of a teenager as she possibly could. Only, Reagan was not a typical teenage girl. The thought of the high school fall dance was dizzying, and as her mother applied her make-up, she wondered how the world could move on and she was still stuck in that closet, watching her father being mauled to death by a werewolf.

How could anyone be sane knowing what she knows now?

None of that mattered because her teachers told her to go, that this would be good for her. Her counselor insisted that she try to make friends again as if she had any to begin with. The lacrosse team coach thought that maybe taking on tutoring again will get her mind off of things, but Reagan knew that was just his way of saying his team was comprised of a bunch of academical idiots, and he needed her assistance.

There were little moments of understanding, like when she was with Brook's grandmother trying to get a handle on this new path. In fact, Brook was probably the only one still on the team retaining some semblance of a good grade, and that was just because she needed him, too. Maybe not him directly, but his grandmother who could help make the world make sense again. Her family was a fanatical group of hunters, and the death of her father has only emboldened them to step their A-game back up. At the helm of this conquest is her mother, and at her side - well, it is Reagan. A teenager was hardly capable of making her own life decisions in a normal world, let alone in one that was rife with the unexplained and supernatural.

None of that mattered, did it? She was at the dance, staring through the doorway with her clutch in two hands at the lap of her dress. Her jaw tensed, and she walked in with a cautious slowness that could only be described as a panicking fear that began to settle in the pit of her stomach. A few of the students turned to stare at her, but they soon went back to their business. Others were passing by, entering late, or leaving to do less PG-rated things. There was Liam with his best pal out on the dancefloor, but she didn't have much interest in either of them. Besides, something was telling her to be more wary of him. She couldn't put her finger on it, but something was there.

Fright night, she thought to herself, as the urge to turn away screamed at her. There were the faux tombstones and graves, the comically frightening decor that seemed to poke fun at the monsters and death that actually plagued this town. She didn't know how long she had been standing there - seconds, minutes, but the hold on her clutch had become deathly, and her stare blank like a doe caught in the headlights of an oncoming car.

This whole thing was a bad idea, and she turned away to leave. It was wrong of her to be here. She should be with her mother since activity in the Venandi family had begun to be picked up in the recent days strangely. They were out and about, and she was here - trying to go to a Fall dance with a horrifically ironic theme to it. There was no one here she wanted to see, and no one that wanted to see her. Except for Brook, and he was a little annoying.

Her heels clicked noisily down the school corridor as she made for its exit.