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By the time Valentina had found her way back to Psychosis’s little nook of the studio, Izzie was plugged in and ready to go. The elder Martinez sat hunched over that battered old SG of hers, eyes glued to the tuner on the SG’s headstock as she went string by string. She didn’t seem to take notice of Valentina’s entrance until she heard the door swing shut behind her, and then she glanced up at her-- first with an impartial expression, and then with one eyebrow faintly arched.

“What’s so funny?”

She had, Valentina realized belatedly, been smiling-- or, well, as close to smiling as Valentina ever got without any alcohol in her system. She immediately banished the expression from her face, forced her lips into a thin, flat line. She took another sip of coffee and then set the cup down by the soundboard so she could yank her sweater gracelessly up over her head and off. “It’s just…” she began, fidgeting uncomfortably with the sweater in her hands and struggling not to break into her Frankenstein of a sober smile again. “I still can’t get over how tiny that SG looks in your hands. It looks like a freaking toy.”

Izzie snorted, turning her gaze back to the tuner. “This guitar’s seen more years than you have, parcera. And God willing, it’ll see many more to come.”

“I’m just saying,” Valentina grunted, draping the sweater over the back of the nearest chair and then plopping down into it. “They do make guitars more suited for, you know, people who are half-Sasquatch.”

“Oh? Like what?”

“I don’t know, I guess you could just put a strap on an upright bass and play that.”

“The Peter Steele method, eh? I’ll take it under consideration.”

Valentina grabbed the cup and took another healthy gulp of the devilish concoction within. “Just don’t use the Peter Steele method for anything else,” she mumbled, looking down at the floor. “If you start writing lyrics about how your goth girlfriend left you for a box of black hair dye, I’m quitting the band.” She glanced up and caught the faintest upturn at the corners of Izzie’s lips.

“Damn, there goes my concept for Psychosis’s next record.”

Ada chose that moment to join them, which was too bad, because Valentina had just managed to forget to feel awful by the time she heard the door swing open again. “Good morning!” she effervesced. “Where’s Rick?”

“Stuck in traffic-- said he’d be here soon.” Izzie strummed down the strings in unison and then plucked the tuner off the headstock. “I’m of a mind to get the rhythm tracks done today, so hopefully we’ll start laying down your leads in the next couple of days, Valentina.”

“But not today,” Valentina droned, suddenly and acutely aware once again of her headache. “So really, there’s no reason for me to be here.”

“Got something better to do? And--” Izzie added as Valentina opened her mouth to fire back. “Don’t name a video game.”

“Hmph.” Valentina scowled and slumped back in the chair.