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the hunter x Hex: #3592a0 x Outfit


She was minding her own business, yet also not very attentive to her surroundings. Her heart pounded in her chest - beating like rapid butterfly wings as that weird feeling rose in the pit of her stomach. Having watched Liam there on the dance floor, then seeing all the decor, it made her feel strange. She couldn't quite put a finger on it, but something wasn't right. Something wasn't right about any of this; not the school, not certain students, not this town. She had been drowning deep in her thoughts with that hurried pace, so when someone bumped into her - or perhaps she into them - it was of no surprise.

As Riley collided with her, Reagan's fingers loosen their grasp over her clutch. It dropped to the floor, and the hunter simply closed her eyes to breathe for a second. When they open, she dragged them to the figure that would soon greet them and notices that it is one of the girls she knows from a few classes. A sigh of relief slipped from her lips and she put on a smile.

"S-sorry, my bad," she stuttered, and Reagan began to feel a little guilty. Who knows with whom the fault truly laid regarding this collision? Neither of them paid attention, and they were both in somewhat of a hurry - one to leave and the other to arrive. The latter fashionably late, and when she looked over the outfit it brought yet another friendly curve to her lips.

"Oh, it's okay. I'm sure that I probably bumped into you, or we can just say we both bumped into each other. That way we are both totally absolved of all blame," she proposed as she bent down to pluck the fell clutch from the floor.

"Look, I'm sorry. I should have been watching where I was going, it's entirely my fault. And are you leaving already? I thought the dance just started?" Reagan had been caught trying to vacate the dance early, and now it would seem that leaving is no longer an option. However, could it be so bad? If she had a friend with her, then maybe she could distract from all the thoughts that certain faces conjure.

"Oh, I was going to go powder my nose," she lied, making up the most ridiculously girly thing that a teenager could to get out of other explanations. Of course, the Werecoyote could probably hear the irregular rhythm of her heart during that tidbit of dishonesty.

Riley continued, "How about this, I make it up to you for getting you a drink or whatever else you want? A way of saying sorry for the inconvenience I caused, sound fair?"

Reagan smiled wide at that and then offered the girl a grin that could only be a playful coyness, "By all means, let's. I didn't have a date tonight, so, since we are blaming you for this - you are going to have at least one dance with me. I hope you know how." She held her arm out, expecting Riley to oblige her by offering an arm for Reagan to hook her own through.

"Name's Riley by the way, I don't think I ever caught what yours was? I'm new and trying to get to remember as many names as I can."

"Reagan. I think we have a couple of classes together," she replied while they walked back to the gymnasium for that dance.

As soon as she stepped back in, Thomas was on the approach. God, he was so hot. Goofy, but hot. How on earth can this guy be here and the only person that might have asked her to the dance would have been Brook. Look at Brook - he was a walking disaster. Look at Tommy - put together. Life was unfair. "Thomas, looking sharp as always. Take Riley - she told me she has all the moves,” she offered the girl up as tribute to dance with him. She leaned toward her and whispered. "He's cute, so you should dance with him. I have to go fix Brook so we can take a picture together.”

She always noticed Brook because he stuck out just as tidy as ever. That was sarcasm. She could have had a date tonight with him, but he wasn’t worth it. She remembered hoping that maybe, maybe after all of the tutoring before her father died, that he would have asked her to a dance or two. But she had never been his type, and she was very sore that she was his type now. If he wasn’t decent to her, she’d have cast him out of her life like she did with all of the others. However, as annoyed as she was by him, she had difficulties keeping her distance.

He also needed her to help him not look like a hot piece of garbage. She left Riley and Thomas, came up behind Brook, grabbed his arm by the bicep, and turned him to face her. She just popped a quick and uneasy smile off for Liam and Liv, but Liam made her feel… strange. She didn’t want to really engage him. She had the perfect excuse to distance herself.

"You’re so embarrassing,” she whispered harshly at him as she rose to the tips of her toes and pushed down on his shoulders so he could hunch over a little to smooth out his hair. Then she helped him tuck things in. Yes, even into his pants. There was no real reason to be ashamed about making these adjustments because he was one of many boys in his family, and as much as she wished he would go away sometimes, she was here to give him that feminine touch. She didn't mind the paint chips. That just came with the package. She was sure his grandma would thank her when he could take a decent picture at the fall dance. "We are going to take a picture together later for your grandma, but I am not going to stand next to a slob,” she scolded Brook whisperingly. Not that anyone looking that knew them were oblivious to their strange friendship. Especially since it seemed to have flip-flopped from her crushing on him without his caring, to him crushing on Reagan without her feeling the same. To his knowledge, at least. Brook has always been attractive to her, but he didn't make an effort to be anything more than friends.

After a few moments of bickering with his clothing, she looked up at him - still close while she flattened the collar of his jacket. "No date tonight, I take it? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised considering your type of girl and your level of-” Reagan stopped there, not wanting to call him forgetful, but he knew.