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located in The Final Frontier, a part of The Blackbird's Cry, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Final Frontier

"Space: the final frontier." How often have we heard that line?


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Tyson woke up with a start. He found himself stiff in a chair where he had taken an unforeseen nap, having laid his head against the desk in front of him. His passion from earlier lay in a huge mess all around the room...the random medical office he had found that had been big enough for his needs...The memories of what had happened slowly came back to his mind.

"Oh yeah," Tyson murmured to himself, "I remember I was working on you, but then I got bored and fell asleep."

Pieces scattered everywhere, the instruction manual for the medical equipment was on the computer screen before him in a 3-D model. Uncertain where he had stopped, he shrugged and got up, stretching and ruffling his blond hair into a more presentable mess. The bedhead slowly relinquished its grip until, finally, Tyson decided it was good enough.

Changing his clothes into a more relaxed outfit right there in the office, Tyson lazily accessed his mobile computer. He was thinking of retiring to his personal quarters where he could lie down and relax or perhaps find the virtual reality system on the ship, but his body had other plans. His stomach rebelled against him, demanding that he either consume every piece of food this ship had to offer or it would immediately terminate his very existence.

Tyson wisely chose to head for the cafeteria.

Putting his mobile device in front of him, he commanded it to display his favorite show. It was a newer one and, according to the reviews, absolute trash. However, to Tyson, it was a diamond in the rough.

Walking down the halls to the cafeteria, Tyson laughed and quoted the show several times until he realized he should probably put on his headphones out of respect to all those around him. Being such a great show, it could be a huge disturbance. Then, he realized he had missed the turn to the cafeteria...

With his headphones on, Tyson sang the theme song as he entered the cafeteria, his eyes glued to the screen, "Space Man! Space Man! Spaaace Maaaan! Space Man! It's the FINAL frontier! It's the FINAL countdown! It's the FINAL fantasy! Spaaaaaaace!!!!! MAN!" He threw his fist out in front of him as if he were punching with the 'power and might of an entire galaxy', completely absorbed with the show.

Then, he realized he was in the middle of the cafeteria and there were people all around him...and he was still starving. In his mind, a fight of hunger against embarrassment broke out: leave now and maybe figure out a way to have his food delivered to him or stay and find something to eat with everyone possibly staring at him and asking awkward questions.

"Can I get my food to go?" Tyson asked, looking around desperately to see how someone got food around here...