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located in Beaumont Hills, a part of havoc, one of the many universes on RPG.

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-Werecoyote- | Outfit | Hex: #800000

Riley smiled as Tommy greeted her and took her to the dancefloor, and chuckled as he began dancing in a variety of ways, all were bad after the other, especially after he used a southern accent when he told her of how he learned to dance from a family in Texas. She didn't know if it was the terrible attempt at the accent, or the story itself, but a genuine smile and chuckle creased her lips. Normally, she would be the one-off the dancefloor, against the wall drinking some punch, but with it more than likely being spiked, she decided against it. And what could come from dancing with Tommy at least once, even if neither of them was necessarily a good dancer? She was there to have fun and enjoy the evening, and she was going to the best she could. Riley couldn't help but smile and chuckle as Tommy started to do an awkward and terrible attempt at the shimmy, which caught the attention of some of the other students. Which was then followed by what she could only assume was an attempt at twerking? If one could even call it that, that was the one that really made her laugh, not out of finding it funny, but more so because it made her feel a bit embarrassed. But that was the point, to be a bad dancer with him, and so she joined him in the tomfoolery. After a bit of the terrible dances, he offered her his hand for an actual dance, which she gladly accepted. One of the few things her parents did, was taught her how to dance, and surprisingly, she wasn't the worst one.

She was finally beginning to enjoy dancing with Tommy as he felt with the spin, and then suddenly, he stopped the dance. A look of panic and uneasiness overcame his face, and Riley understood it all too much. Any normal person would have been dropped or have fallen by the sudden stop, but Riley managed to react fast enough and catch herself. She looked at him silently as everything else seemed to fade into the background and become white noise, everything else was muffled and a slight ringing sound was heard as she looked at Tommy. Something wasn't right, not just with him, but in general. All of the small hairs on the back of her neck bristled, standing on end as her coyote senses took over, going into overdrive as her ears picked up the faintest of sounds, people's heartbeats, people at the punch bowl sipping their drinks, and breathing. So much all at once, that was until Tommy broke the silence as he apologized and quickly left her, running out of the gym and down the hallway, disappearing out of sight. But she managed to catch someone before the boy ran off, normally his dark eyes flickered for just a moment, something she had seen and experienced herself multiple times before. They suddenly turned a golden color and almost reptilian in appearance. Riley just stood there in silence as she tried to rationalize what she just witnessed, Tommy was someone like her, maybe not exactly like her, but he wasn't human. At least not fully. She finally found herself coming back to reality as she realized all eyes were on her as Tommy had caused a small scene, she was only able to laugh awkwardly and gave a small wave as she noticed a group of people she knew somewhat, there was Liam, Brook, Olivia, and Reagan. Something about those individuals, in particular, seemed off, something wasn't right about them, and if she were to go off on a limb, some were like her, different and not exactly normal.

Riley could have used this for the perfect moment to dip out and go home, forget about this night and just be home, in bed, watching Netflix. But something told her to stay here, stay here and make sure no one gets hurt. Her mind was a flurry of different thoughts as she finally acted out, she followed down the same hallway that Tommy went down, it was dark, and would have normally been impossible to see through, but thanks to her coyote side she was able to see perfectly, she saw a figure on the ground. As she got closer she realized it was Tommy, but...something was off. He looked different, his hair was gone, his usual pristine skin was now covered in scales, and his eyes, were golden slits. She grew close to him as she spoke, "Tommy, are you-" she started but was cut off as something, or someone forcefully pushed her aside, sending her flying into the wall of lockers that lined the wall. With a small and soft groan she looked up at whoever it was that pushed her, but all she was able to see was a dark figure that kept to the shadows, she found herself letting out a small growl as her eyes shifted from their normal hazel green to a dark, golden color, slightly illuminating as she scanned the area. Her senses were now on high alert as she couldn't see anything. "I-I need to leave...I'm sorry, Tommy.." she muttered softly as she slowly rose to her feet and made a run for it down the hall, hearing something begin to chase her down the hallway she quickly dodged into a room, locking the door behind her. Taking a deep breath as she slowly backed away from the door, she found herself in the girl's bathroom. Riley looked into the mirror, her eyes were now back to their normal green, but something was still off as she heard a shuffling sound outside of the door, as if someone was outside of it, and trying to get inside. A low growl escaped her lips as her eyes shifted back to the golden color of her coyote side as her teeth elongated, just slightly, letting her beast side come out to play, whoever or whatever was on the other side of the metal door caused her heart to race a mile a minute, but she was prepared to fight, whatever it was, even if she was slowly consumed with fear and panic..