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located in Beaumont Hills, a part of havoc, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Hiroto Naozaki

The Kitsune


Yamada Ryosuke

"Y- Yeah, guess just a little heartbroken and still covered in punch." PJ replied while trying to force a rather apparent fake smile to hide his fluster. He can sympathize with the young boy though. Tonight was supposed to be fun and all and lady luck just had to have the tendency to drop the dime at the worst moments possible. Hiroto then smiled with PJ as he patted him on the shoulder, "I already told you that you can always confide with me on just about anything, y'know. Ol' Hiro here's a dab hand at listening and washing people's sadness away ~" He winked while doing a horizontal peace sign over his eye.

"But enough about me - are you here alone too? Oh god I hope I didn't scare away your date, did I?" PJ assumed, which almost took Hiroto aback. He sighed, before flicking PJ on his forehead, much like how Kanzaki did it to him earlier. "You really wow me with your imagination sometimes, y'know. Yes, as much as I wanted my 'date' to come with me, he's just so stubborn that I left him at home doing whatever interests him." He pouted, "So yeah, I'm pretty much by myself. Hey, if we're both alone then we can be-"

Before Hiroto could finish his sentence, someone pushed them aside and walked past them in a rather hasty manner. He was almost going to express how rather annoying it was that he was constantly being pushed around by people, but held it back upon realizing the person who just did that. "Isn't that Tommy?" He asked, and it seemed PJ also noticed it as well. The boy then suggested going after Thomas to see if they guy was okay, but then suddenly took it back. This, of course, didn't go unnoticed by Hiroto. The boy definitely must have seen or gone through something.

As if things hadn't been odd enough, the fire alarm went blaring, and taking Hiroto's enhanced sense of hearing into account, he was so startled that he jolted in a rather funny manner. "For the love of eight millions gods..." He held his chest while collecting the pieces of his soul that had just scattered everywhere, "I hate it when that happen." He commented, while realizing that PJ was as startled as him and, more pleasantly surprising, was grabbing Hiroto's sleeve, before shyly releasing it. Chuckling at the cuteness, he replied, "No worries. Hold onto me as much as you like. And yeah, I'll be more than honored to have this dance with y-"

Something is seriously wrong today, maybe it was the divine intervention, or he's just really in a fit of continuous string of bad lucks. This time, it was his phone that interrupted him. Letting out yet another sigh of displeasure, he took out his phone, "Excuse me ~" He said to PJ, before answering. And of all people, it was Kanzaki.

"Haiiii, miss me already ~ ? The party isn't over yet, you can still make it here if you want to see me that badly, Kicchan." Hiroto jested to the person on the other side of the phone.

"Save that for later. Know the time and place just for once, will you?" The sudden seriousness in his roommate's tone caused Hiroto to frown, "The yin-yang balance at school is all over the place. Something really sinister must have entered the campus and probably had already caused quite the trouble there."

Kanzaki is an onmyouji - a Japanese equivalent of the druids in Beaumont. Though unlike the druids who draw upon the power of the Nemeton, Kanzaki is attuned with the power of yin and yang - which are the energies that flow among all living beings, and could tell when and where the balance is disrupted within the town through a special compass that he owned. If this case happened, it could only mean that something with exceptional negative energy must have appeared and shadow the positive energy of a whole area.

"Get yourself and your friends out of there immediately. Whatever that is happening there, you won't leave unscathed if you confront it directly." Kanzaki urged.

"Got it. I'm onto it now." Hiroto agreed wholeheartedly to his roommate. If there was someone he could trust even if the sky falls, it definitely would be Kanzaki. He put his phone away and turned to PJ, "Hey, it seemed that this isn't a false alarm. I heard that there's a problem with the electrical system or something and a fire could start, so they're probably thinking it's better safe than sorry."

Looking around, Hiroto saw that his other friends were nowhere to be seen. He had to look for them before something happened. He was thinking if he should bring PJ along, but it would be too much of a risk. "You go ahead and leave with everyone. I promise I'll catch up with you later. Just call me if anything pops up, 'kay?" Hiroto winked to his friend and left for the other exit of the gym where he saw Thomas leaving earlier.

Foxes are known for their acute sense of smell, and Hiroto was no different. It was not difficult for him to pick up Thomas' trail of scent. Summoning his katana and held it in his hand, he cautiously navigated through the dark hall. He halted when he saw a figure just up ahead running towards him, and thankfully, it was exactly the person he was looking for, still in one piece.

"Hey Tommy, it's me Hiro. You good? Oh..." He called out to Thomas, yet was taken aback upon seeing that he was turning into his kanima form, for some reasons. "Okay, okay, no worries. This should help..." Hiroto waved his hand and conjured a cloud of mist that wrapped around Thomas. A layer of illusion was placed upon the boy that made him look as if he had never turned.

"That should do it. It will only last for the evening though so we need to get out of here before anyone see you." Hiroto smiled, "But first things first, have you come across the others? Something real bad had just turned up."

And suddenly, an ultrasonic scream boomed throughout the area seemed to have given the answer to Hiroto's question. Its' deafening volume wasn't a good combination with Hiroto's sense of hearing, which caused him to cover his ears with his palms and his face distorted in discomfort until it ended. "A banshee's scream? But the only banshee around here is... Olivia, right?"