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located in Beaumont Hills, a part of havoc, one of the many universes on RPG.

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“Reags, I really think you should leave with me. Look I can explain it, but you’ve got to go with everyone else. Just fucking listen to me for once.” Brooks attempted to plead with her, which surprised her. Since when did she need protection? Yet something in his voice - an inflection in tone or just the fact that he’s standing out there trying to get her to leave made her feel like he was hiding something. Of course he was, though. Everyone she ever knew was hiding something from her - treating her like some little girl that needed protection from a world she didn’t understand. It took her dad dying for anyone to offer her a sliver of truth. Now that she had it, there was always that one person that didn’t want her to. Brook didn’t want her to. He never did.

Then there was a scream, and she pressed her palms against her ears. A wince crinkled her features; the discordant noise threatening to bust her poor eardrums. What the fuck was that?!

“Uh, never mind Reagan, don’t come out! Liam’s here. He’s um-“ He’s um - what?! When she tried to open the door to go take care of supernatural business, she found a hard time getting past Brook’s resistance. He was a lacrosse player, after all, and so there was no denying his fitness level. “Naked?” She started to bang on the door. And she banged. And she banged. It became an angry banging that alternated from both fists colliding with the door to sometimes her palms slapping against it. "Let me out, Brook! Let me out before I fucking - ugh!"

No threat followed. Brook was trying really hard to formulate one obnoxious lie after the other, but he was horrifically bad at it. “Yeah naked. Like, super naked. You don’t want to see this. I think it was, like, a prank” Liam wandering down the hallways naked as a prank? Who did Brook think she was?! She continued to bang on the door some more until there was finally nothing. Nothing but the commotion in the hallways, but it sounded like Brook had left. It was so sudden that she actually thought that something must have snatched him up.

”Brook?” She pressed the side of her face and a palm against the bathroom door, listening to anything. ”Are you still there?” So she did the only thing she could do, she placed her hands on the door handle and cautiously opened it. After she poked her head out quietly, she saw him. She didn’t hear him because she didn’t have supernatural ears, but she saw him. Not only him but someone else. She squinted her eyes. No, that was something else. Luckily for Brooks, Reagan couldn't be sure.

She rifled through her clutch, stuffing a taser in the only place she knew she could - between her boobs, and pulled out a ring dagger. There wasn't much that she could carry, and something told her that she wasn't going to have an easy time getting to her car to retrieve her bow. Not to mention that there was a gaggle of students out there doing god knows what. Oh, and teachers. Oh, and probably the sheriff and the fire department. If they weren't there already, they would be soon.

With dagger in hand, Reagan slowly began to inch her way into the hallway. She shot 'Liam' a glance, but she wasn't stupid. If Brooks was speaking to him, then maybe it meant that there was a reason for it. A perfectly innocent reason that he was going to explain to her later because she thought she deserved to know. She would have approached the half man half beast to take a closer look, and perhaps there was even a moment when Liam was looking at her, and she looking at him. It was a quiet moment where her heartbeat was quick, but not a fearful quick - it was something else entirely. Maybe some part of her knew the truth - sought some familiarity, and now he knew that something really wasn't right with Venandi.

She looked up, however, caught by the pitter-patter of something above them in the air vents. This confrontation would have to wait another day because there was clearly something else in the school with them. She had long since taken off her heels in the bathroom, leaving her bare feet to the mercy of bare floors that were not always the cleanest. But damn, it was hard to run in a pair of pumps. She turned away from 'Liam' and began to seek out the other beast, trying to track Amanda Kyle down.

That path led her to both the Chimera and Riley. Riley looked like she was ready to pounce on her (she'd kill herself later for that punny thought once she finds out that Riley is a werecoyote). She stopped short of the pair, her eyes locked with the Chimera. It's eyes were abyssmal in nature - very much like looking into a dark well with no hope of there being a bottom. However, she soon found herself also looking over at the blond, uncertain as to what brought her here. Why didn't she leave with the rest of the students? Oh, but then she took a cautious step forward to get a better look of the shapeshifted face.

"Riley?" she inquired calmly and confused. It was the blond locks, the familiar attire. It felt like her gut dropped to her feet. She suspected there might be supernaturals at school, but she didn't think they were so close to her all this time.

She couldn't focus on that now. The Chimera's throat rumbled with a threatening growl. Amanda flexed those deadly clawed fingers, and then ran. She first went to the side, only to kick off of the wall and propel herself at none other than its biggest threat - Riley. Her feet and arms were outstretched, aimed to take the Werecoyote down and pin her to the floor for a good slashing.

It looked like Reagan would be working with Riley tonight. The Hunter took off, hoping to aid the girl beast thing in some way. She tried to jump on the Chimera's back, but Amanda was bloody and it was hard to get a solid grip. Even then, Reagan as only human. Before she could even wrap an arm around her or raise the blade to attack, Amanda reached behind her, grabbed Reagan by the arm, and flung her into a nearby wall. To Riley's advantage, the Chimera was no longer focused on slashing her. For now. Amanda was still on top of the Werecoyote, but the attention was elsewhere.

As Reagan's body flew, the taser became dislodged from her cleavage (whatever of it there was), and smacked the floor next to Riley.