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Alex Garcia
Probably for the first time in years, Alex actually listened when Violet spoke, and he sighed when she was finished, "I remember when you died. We went to your funeral, it... It was the first funeral I went to for someone closer to my age. It really changed the way I thought about life." He looked down, "I was just a kid, you know." He shrugged, and for a moment looked as though he was going to elaborate, but instead he just shook his head. "You're right, though. He's not there, anyway; he moved on a long time ago." He looked around briefly, "This place really fucks with your head, doesn't it?" He turned to look back at the town, "It just seems so far away..." He was sure that was intentional, made to happen by whatever had made this world-between-worlds. He felt as though something was gently pulling at him, deep inside. "Okay. Let's get back before I die."

Just as he started to walk back, he heard a sound behind him: a deep other-worldly growl. Alex didn't dare turn to look, he'd been told once not to look the creatures of death in the eye unless he was ready to accept the fate they had in mind for him, and he'd only just decided that he was not ready for that just yet. "Violet, you need to go now." He started walking, "I'll be... Right behind you." He had hoped that if he ignored the creature, it wouldn't be any trouble. He was wrong. He heard the impossibly heavy footsteps behind him, and he knew he was going to have to try to run.

It took a moment to summon up the will to do so, but he started running back through the town. He seemed to both be moving impossibly fast, and unbelievably slowly at the same time. He could've sworn he could feel fire on the back of his neck, burning hotter than anything he'd felt in his darkest nightmares. He could see the chaos of the town now, as he ran straight through it all. He felt like he'd missed it before. He didn't know what changed, but now he felt like he was still anchored to the world of the living somehow.

Alex didn't know what he was going to do when he got back to his body; for all he knew it would be the perfect trap to spring on him. But as he saw the shadows of his friends, he knew he needed to figure it out quickly. He fell forward as whatever was behind him swiped at him from behind. No, no, no... he thought, as he reached out, wildly trying to grab on to something, even though he knew it was pointless. But his hand made very tangible contact with the guy from the new clinic. Oliver? He didn't have time to ponder how, or why, this was possible- he just held on.

And then there was nothing. But he slowly started to feel warm again. In a nice way- a safe way. He didn't know if it was an eternity, or a moment later, but he found himself mumbling the words, "Is Violet okay?"