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Maddy grinned as Jordan said she'd bring Kate along one day this week. She liked the thought of that. It was nice to have the heart-to-heart, grown up conversations that her and Jordan usually had, but there was also an innocence to having Kate there, one that brought them both back down to Earth, that made them focus on the there and the now.

And then Jordan brought up the fact that Madison was going to be moving away, and Maddy sighed, taking a mouthful of her coffee to give her time to think, to compose an answer. Jordan saying that Madison deserved something better made her smile a little sadly.

"Yeah. Don't get me wrong, I love this town. Mom keeps telling me that the big lights of the big city aren't as ideal as they seem, that it's not the place of dreams everyone portrays it to be. But... like you said, this town is too small. For now. I'm going to go, and read all of these great literary books and probably hate all of them. And I'll be messaging you about them all, keeping you up to date with all of my exciting news and gossip. All of my daring escapades." She said with a grin. She knew that Jordan couldn't leave, not yet. And so she wanted Jordan to be able to live through her, to stay in touch, to keep up with everything that Maddy was doing and experiencing. Just like they always had.

"And I will be back. My mom's made me swear I'll come home every few weekends, I think she threatened to refuse to send me money unless I made a certain number of visits every semester," she said. "You're not getting rid of me just yet."