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the half-elf ○ attire ○ #CD884A

Oliver tried to hide his shock as one moment the girl was there and then the next she was gone. He could only hope that she had done what he had asked as he didn't know how much longer he could keep this up. The fiery feeling that had crept up his fingers was now nearly up to his elbows and he felt as if his heart rate must've been in the 120s. "Come on, come on..." He muttered underneath his breath as each second felt like a minute. Then he felt it.

It was as if all the blazing hot magic that had been coursing through his veins was seemingly sucked out in a small moment. The transition was nauseating and Oliver felt himself swoon as he saw stars in his line of sight quickly blinking them away as he tried to refocus his blurred vision. For a brief instant he thought he had failed, that much like a match the half-elf had burnt out all his magic. However, his breath froze when he head a small mumble from beneath him and he quickly looked down at Alex, whose eyes were still closed. Oliver leaned down his ear lightly brushing Alex's lips as he heard the small rush of air, he was still breathing. "Is Violet okay?" Oliver jumped faintly as he wasn't expecting the sentence and the sudden noise scared him but rather quickly regained his composure. He leaned away and let out a sigh of relief as he began to notice the flush of color return to the witch's cheeks. Oliver finally took his hands away from Alex's chest rolling his weight back to sit on the ground, his head instantly dropping beneath his knees. "Oh thank god, oh thank god" He mumbled over to himself taking a moment to reground before glancing back at Alex's form. Oliver slowly moved to a crouching position next to Alex placing a hand comfortingly on his shoulder. "Hey, take it easy Alex, you're going to be okay" Oliver ran a careful hand through his hair, "Y-you're gonna be fine and I- I'm definitely going to puke" It was like a giant wave of nausea hit him at once, his hands went clammy and his skin turned paler (if that was even possible). He wasted no time dashing out of the alley and around the corner to the nearest trashcan emptying perhaps the entire contents of his stomach. Gripping the edge of the trashcan Oliver groaned quietly, taking one hand to pinch the bridge of his nose in an effort to relieve the pounding feeling in his head. "What did I just do?" He mumbled to himself before sinking to the ground. Oliver didn't even realize the festival around him had gone completely silent, save for the stragglers still running across the street.