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Alex Garcia
Take it easy Alex, you're going to be okay. Those words rang in Alex's head as he opened his eyes. The sickening smell of blood and fear and cold hot chocolate filled his nose. He almost missed a glimpse of Oliver as he ran out of the alley, but he could hear what was going on perfectly fine. He slowly forced himself up into something more resembling a sitting position and looked over to Jaiden and Aurora, "You guys okay?" He so badly wanted to stand up, go home, take a shower. But his entire body felt like it was filled with lead. He sort of let himself half-fall back onto the ground, a soft grunt escaping his mouth as he did so. For the third time that night, he felt afraid, alone, and helpless. He fought back against the tears stinging his eyes. Everyone needed him to be okay, to be fine. He felt like he'd done enough, caused enough concern.

Alex sighed, and said, half to himself, "Why'd it have to be us?" Then in his head, Why did it have to be me? Realistically, he understood that hunters weren't going to corner someone they thought would- or could- effectively fight back. Not that it made him feel any better. He felt his phone vibrate and silently thanks the manufacturers of his cell phone case. He sat up, checked his phone. 15 missed calls. 647 text messages. One sender. He sighed again, this had been a nightmare. He shot a quick, disingenuous messaged back to his grandmother: he was fine. He was safe. He would be home soon. He promised.

He shook his head, right now he didn't feel like he'd ever be fine again. "Okay. We're okay. Let's just..." He was talking to himself, like he wouldn't know what to do if he didn't verbalize it. But he didn't know what to do. He knew he needed to be home. Or anywhere but here. But that just felt impossible. Everything felt impossible. He hoped he would wake up, that none of this were real, but he knew it was. "Hey, uh... Oliver?" It was a tentative call, Alex wasn't even sure he was still there, "Still there? You okay?" His voice threatened to break, he still sounded terrified, and on the verge of tears. And he was.