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Finger Wiggles and the Scot

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"No, I'm not - you don't have to - you don't make me uncomfortable," Petra said. It was obvious she wasn't used to getting complimented by others. Ross was never one to shy away from saying what was on his mind, which included how which included gushing about how he thought she was something special. And although he probably sat there, happier than a kid on Christmas, he couldn't help but notice Petra glancing over at him occasional. It only seemed to make his smile grow.

"I think you've already made up for it," Petra replied. Had he? She was so mad at him for what he did, how he protected her in the attack even though that left him out in the open. Regardless of whatever she said, Ross was going to continue to try and make up for it. Although, as he mentioned before, he didn't regret it. Not one bit. Because it kept her out of that terrible Hydra facility. He hadn't gotten to talk much to Frankie or Wren, but by the looks on their faces when they returned... It wasn't good.

Ross smiled when Petra took his hand and he gently helped her up to her feet. "Well, doesn't mean aye'm still not goin' ta try." He kept ahold of her hand, slowly leading her to a flat part of the deck, where they'd have the most stability. He swallowed hard when her other hand rested on his shoulder, his head temporarily turning to look at it. Ross inhaled sharply as he stepped a little closer to her, letting his other hand gently rest on the curve in her waist.

"I wasn't mad at you, you know." Ross's brows furrowed. He sure felt like she was. "I was mad we didn't have a fighting chance, that some people." She nodded her head towards him. "Had to - or felt they had to - sacrifice themselves for others." He parted his lips to add his own comment, but said nothing when she continued to speak. "I remember how your face looked afterwards." Petra's smile faded slightly. "Anyone would be upset."

Ross's hand gently guided her away by her waist, then lead her into a spin while he tried to figure out what to say. He brought her close after the twirl, returning his hand to her side. "They said yer name. 'N aye wasn't goin' ta let 'em take ya." Ross stood so close to her that their chests brushed with each sway. "Aye'm ok. Nearly healed." He smiled down toward her. There was still slight remnants of the attack on his face, faded bruises and the tape over his nose. But it was all worth it.

His hand slowly slipped from hers and raised to gently brush a lock of Petra's hair behind her ear. Ross's fingers lingered there on her cheek while he held her gaze. His thumb lightly stroked her cheek. He took a deep breath before slowly leaning his head down toward hers. Ross stopped when his lips were an inch from hers, the tip of his nose lightly brushing hers. "Ye can stop meh," he whispered, being sure Petra knew he wouldn't kiss her if she didn't want him to.