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located in Bear Point, a part of Secrets Of Bear Point, one of the many universes on RPG.

Bear Point



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Character Portrait: Jordan Ley'co Character Portrait: Madison Pines
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Jordan Ley'co

| Outfit: Currently wearing | Location: Joe's Diner | Hex:#800000 |

Jordan smirked as Madison pleaded to never bring this up to her family. It would have been so tempting, to make sure she was never able to get rid of the memory of not wearing the proper amount of clothing. To be fair, it was warmer that morning, but nature itself seemed to be growing colder than normal, a soft gust of wind passed by, causing some leaves to tumble about as they were carried away in the wind. A shiver went down her spine, not due to the cold, but due to the feeling that came with the wind, it didn't feel right or normal. Shaking her head she motioned back to her old truck and nodded. "I think it would be best to go back and have you in warmer clothes, Madds. Just make sure no one sees you, or you really won't be able to live it down." she said with a giggle as she opened the passenger door to the truck before walking around to the other side to get in. The engine roared and rumbled to life as they finally got into the truck, it was old and rather beaten up, but it was a faithful ol' thing and she wouldn't have it any other way. The seats were new, as was almost everything else. It may have appeared to be an old truck on the outside, but it was completely refurbished with new seats, a new radio, and carpeting, as well as heat controlled seats. Which was an absolute godsend as it was always cold in that small town, even the warmer months were cold, but not unbearable.

They slowly drove away from the middle of downtown, making their way back to the Pines' house. It wasn't as far in the woods as the Ley'co's, but it was rather far. A few minutes at least, anything that was outside of the port side of town felt like it took ages to get there. The small, winding paths and roads that lead to the backroads of the town, surrounded by dense, dark woods and trees that seemed to loom over the town. It was almost as if the town was swallowed up by nature itself. The ride on the way back was silent for the most part except for the soft white noise of the radio that played softly, making it not as silent as it otherwise would have. Jordan was lost in thought as they drove along the seemingly endless roads, taking one turn to go down another small, winding road. Silently she rubbed the side of her neck, feeling the dull pain of the bruise begin to ache, a small throbbing and pulsating feeling went down her spine. Shaking her head to get rid of the thought, biting her lip slightly for a moment before she began to speak, ending the encroaching silence, "Kate doesn't know that you're leaving yet...I haven't told her yet. Probably later today I'll let you know, seeing as she's at a friend's house until tonight." she said with a rather somber tone, taking a deep sigh and exhale as she looked back at the road. With a sudden jolt the car came to a stop as her dark eyes made contact with the road.

Silence filled the car as Jordan turned the radio off as they peered out of the window. In the middle of the road stood a large figure that was facing away from them, hunched over something. All that was able to be made out was a large, dark figure. At least the size of a medium bear, but something felt off about it. The longer she stared, the more calm yet anxious she felt. A soft click snapped her out of her trance as she found her hand on the lock of the car, making sure whatever it was couldn't get in. Without turning to face her friend she spoke softly, not wanting to get the attention of whatever it was that they were looking at. "I know what you're thinking, and don't even say it, Madds. That's just...a really, really big bear. There's plenty of them here-" she began, but stopped once she remained looking out of the windshield. The figure had slowly turned its head to look at the two in the car. Its eye was a dark yet light-colored blue, that stood out in stark contrast to its jet black fur. Having finally seen its face, she knew what it was. But, it was much too large to be a normal one, right? They didn't get that big here, at least not to her knowledge. "Holy fuck..." she mumbled under her breath, finding it was becoming slightly harder to breathe the longer she looked the creature it the eyes.

Finally, it slowly rose to its feet, if either of them were to take a guess it would have been about as if not slightly shorter than the top of the truck itself, making it even taller and large than a bear. Silently the two watched as the wolf-like creature made its way from in the middle of the street into the woods, but not before giving the two girls one more look and was gone as it walked into the darkness of the forest. Silently Jordan sat there for a moment, feeling every ounce of her body telling her to just get out of there. Drive off and leave, don't even look back, just drive. And so she did, after finally having found her hand going back to turn the engine back on, it slowly rumbled back to life as it slowly moved along the road. Taking one last glimpse out of the rearview mirror she felt her heart sink. In the darkness of the woods, just barely in view could she see another figure standing in the woods, it was slightly smaller, seeming to almost be white in nature with golden eyes. Jordan exhaled sharply as she turned back to the road, her hands felt clammy and cold, completely unnerved by what they had seen. Normally people would have thought nothing of it, and they would have. But it was the way the wolves just seemed to stare at them, almost peering into their souls as they locked eyes. Finally finding the words she spoke with as much confidence as she could, her voice slightly wavering, "I-I...I don't know what the fuck that was, but fuck that. I've never seen any that big, Madison...Does your mom know about wolves being that big around here? If not, she needs to know. Those things could easily kill-" she found herself stopping from saying anything anymore, not wanting to finish that sentence. She knew that those wolves if that's what they really were, could have torn through the car if they wanted. But they simply just stared at them, and that's what terrified her. Animals don't normally stare at someone, especially the way it did. Seeming to stare right through her and just look past, almost as if something had taken possession over it. But, that was silly. It was simply her imagination, right? It was a strange town, with strange things and even stranger people, but that was even weird for this town. And that's what began to make her worry even more.