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A continent divided into three different factions: The Adrestian Empire, The Holy Kingdom of Faerghus, and the Leicester Alliance.


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I.Y. 1186 - Great Tree Moon - Saturday the 26th
Myrddin Bridge - Afternoon - Overcast
Amalthea von Kreuz

Thea pursed her lips together. They were just in sight of the Myrddin Bridge, and had taken the moment to pause. They were going over the strategy they were going to use in order to retake it. She could see a few tents below; it appeared that whoever held the bridge had made a point to establish at least troops to keep it. There were quite a few of them, easily moreso than the ones Thea's group currently had, however; if they did this right, they could take Myrddin back.

In doing so, it would provide a great advantage, one they desperately needed. She turned Sunny back towards where they were currently going over the plan. She dismounted and made her way to stand next to Vridel, glancing up at him for just a moment before turning her attention towards Mercer and Professor.

Vridel set a hand gently on her head, letting it linger for a few seconds before dropping it away. Like her, though, his attention was largely devoted to the discussion.

“You all know the plan, right?" Mercer spoke, causing a few of them to nod their heads, including Thea. “Good. This is just a reminder; Thea and Vi, you'll be taking Deirdre and Sofia and approaching the camp from the right side. Devon and Reynard, you two need to get their attention. You're the best infiltration we have to take them by surprise. I want Devon to regroup with Teach's group after you've captured their attention."

“Rey, you do what you do best. Keep them confused while Sor and I will take the skies. Teach, Sen, and Sylvi, you two take the left flank while Al keeps their attention at the middle," Mercer glanced the group over, eyes somewhat hardened as he regarded everyone. He hadn't changed much in that aspect, Thea supposed. He still cared enough to want to keep them safe, but at this point, everyone knew the dangers of these battles. Everyone was at risk of being harmed, or worse, dying. They just had to trust each other enough to have each other's backs.

And to count on each other.

"Now that I've gotten a look at what we're dealing with," Reynard said, frowning slightly beneath the fabric covering his nose and mouth, "I think I'm going to free their horses and such. They've got them penned, and this far out the pens are pretty makeshift. So be aware that there are likely to be extra horses and fliers about. I think the chaos will be to our advantage, especially now that you can plan for it, and denying the reserves their mounts shouldn't hurt."

Vridel nodded. “We'll look for ways to throw them off like that too. I think it'll help if we can create as much chaos for them as possible."

Mercer nodded his head. “The more chaos the better. We'll be able to pick off their numbers in the confusion which will help level the playing field, a bit," he stated, his eyes sweeping over the group. “Be on the lookout for the one leading them. We don't know who they are or what they're capable of," he seemed to add. Thea supposed he had a point. It would have been beneficial if Bergliez had been able to come through on his part of the deal. If he'd been able to get them information, this might have been easier. But they didn't have time for what ifs. They had a battle to fight, now, and she'd be damned if she wasn't going to try her hardest for this. They had a lot riding on this recapture of Myrddin Bridge, after all.

“If everyone is ready to march, we'd better do it now before we lose the element of surprise," he stated, seemingly dismissing them. Thea glanced towards Vridel and reached over to squeeze his hand.

“Let's go show them what we're made of," she stated as she smiled up at him. She moved, then, to pat Sunny's neck, motioning the horse to leave. She couldn't risk being seen on the horse, nor being heard. It would be easier for the fliers of the group, but a cavalry would likely be noticed before any of them were able to carry out their plans. They needed to wait, however, for Reynard and Devon to start the chaos. For the first time in years, Thea felt nervous. She wasn't entirely sure why, but she was.

She pulled Amyr in front of her, and gripped the hilt tightly.

Vridel led them into position, breaking their group and the soldiers following them off from Alaric's central group. They had to be careful not to be spotted, but they couldn't afford to still be standing around in place when the chaos began, either. Fortunately, Vridel himself had part of the solution, laying down a mass silence spell that should at least muffle most of the sounds of their passage. It was still better not to take the horses—he hadn't quite figured out how to get rid of all noise, after all. But this combined with everyone's efforts to be quiet seemed to be more than enough.

They skirted just beneath the crest of a hill to prevent themselves from being seen. Even as they arrived, though, a cry of alarm went up from the other side. There were no words to it, only a shout, and soon another followed from another direction.

“Supplies! The supply tents are on fire!"

A few of the soldiers made to move, but Vridel's outstretched hand halted them. “They don't know they're under attack yet," he said quietly. “Let's give them enough time to prepare to fight the fire. Then we can go over first, and the Professor's flank can come in from behind." It made sense for them to be the first attackers; their unit had a lot of heavier-armored people in it, like Thea and Sofia, and a lot of heavy-hitting casters, like Deirdre and Vridel.

It was a good strategy, Thea thought. Let them put out the fire, and then be taken by surprise. They wouldn't be able to defend themselves, and had they been anyone else, Thea might have felt bad about it. But they were fighting people who did not value life the same way. They valued... well, Thea wasn't sure, exactly, but she knew they had to die. When the enemy troops seemed occupied enough with the fire, Thea glanced towards Vridel and nodded.

“Now," she murmured loud enough that he could hear her, but not the enemy. She wasn't even sure if they could given the fact that they were preoccupied.

She took the charge, catching the first person by surprise with Amyr. From the way they had glanced at her, they probably thought she was help. She could hear Deirdre behind her with a wind spell, knocking a soldier off their feet as Thea followed up, twirling Amyr enough so that it caught the fallen soldier in the neck. He wouldn't be getting up from that.

She moved on to the next person, ducking to avoid a lance that still managed to nick her cheek. The cut was thin, so she wasn't too worried about it. They had other things to focus on right now, after all.

Vridel, as he so often was in situations like this, was right behind her, slinging magic over her shoulders to thin out the ranks of her opponents before they could ever meet her in melee. He added fire to Deirdre's wind, something that would no doubt only sow more chaos still. As the group of them charged down the hill to crash into the side of the encampment, Reynard must have reached at least a few of the pens, because loose horses were roaming about, spooked by the noise and the fire, no few of them knocking into tent poles, shrill whinnies piercing the air and adding to the raucous shouting.

It was hardly a surprise that the enemy was disoriented, doubly so when the Professor's flank came in from just the opposite direction, though they were too far away yet to make out individual figures, she could see flashes of light and bursts of darkness as various magic went off. An alarm finally sounded, the watchman in the short tower at the gate's entrance falling from it in the next moment with an arrow in his throat.

Overhead, a familiar black pegasus and white wyvern swept by, and tough no doubt the troops behind the gate and on the bridge proper were rallying, it looked like the forward camp would be almost entirely gone before the reinforcements had the chance to arrive.

But maybe that was too optimistic of a thought. Someone was shouting, though from the voice alone Thea couldn't tell if it was someone from their group, or the enemy's. It became apparent, though, when a large group of soldiers descended upon their group, almost circling them. Thea gripped Amyr tightly in her hands as she regrouped with Vridel. It looked like they had been anticipating the attack, as if they knew beforehand that they were going to be engaged in combat.

“We're going to need to change the plan a bit," she muttered once she was close enough to Vridel, blocking an incoming attack before cutting the soldier down. “If we don't fan out, we'll be surrounded and they'll have the upper hand."

Thea didn't have to know much about strategy to know that if they were surrounded, they would all be killed. It was a pincer move, but not quite enough so. They could break through this if they were careful enough and Thea didn't doubt Mercer and the others were coming to the same conclusions themselves.

"Where did they come from?" Sofia wondered, grimacing. There was a cut on her cheek, but she otherwise seemed largely uninjured.

“Over the gate, I expect." Vridel replied. “Sacrificed the forward camp to split us up, then the fliers carried the ground troops over to surround us. We need to meet back up with the others. Their plan only works if they can isolate us from each other."

Sofia nodded. "Then let's punch a hole through their line and meet up with Alaric's people first." They were supposed to be in the middle, roughly, so that meant they'd be closest.

“Well let's get to it, then," Deirdre gritted through her teeth. She had a few cuts on her arms, probably from when she had to defend herself without the use of her spells, but like Sofia, looked relatively unharmed. Thea nodded her head, and pushed forward. If they could get to Goneril in time, then they had a better chance at getting through this.

Deirdre flung a few fire spells mixed with wind spells in order to keep some of the soldiers at bay. The ones with heavy shields, like Sofia's, used them to resist, though. “There he is!" Thea shouted as she glanced towards Goneril's group. It looked like they were on the verge of being surrounded, but Goneril was spearheading a charge. His lance in hand, he managed to catch a soldier in the throat before twisting the lance around and catching another in the shoulder. One of his soldiers, however, managed to finish off the enemy before he continued charging through.

Thea's group reinforced Goneril's though, and managed to push back the first wave that came forward. It would only be a matter of time before they were besieged by another wave, though. “Gloucester leads them," Goneril stated, lips pursed into a fine line as he approached Vridel and Thea's group. “One of the scouts saw the banner for their Crest, but they did not see Matteo. Only Fiona," he continued as if he were explaining the situation.

“Then we need to go for Fiona. If we can get her..." Thea didn't need to finish that statement for them to understand. Defeating Fiona meant a small victory, and they'd be able to retake the bridge that way.

“There's only one problem. She has an altered golem with her that she's using as a sort of guard. We'd never be able to get past it without losing a majority of our forces."

Thea grimaced as she glanced towards Vridel. “We'll need the help of the others to take the golem's attention, then, if we're going to have a chance. You, Professor, and Senka all took one down not too long ago, right? You all can do it again." This, Thea truly believed.

Vridel clicked his tongue against his teeth, squinting down the rest of the field.

"That precise combination isn't going to be possible." The new voice was Reynard's; he seemed to materialize from nowhere at the Duke's elbow. He seemed to have taken a few more hits than most of them: along with a large scrape on his forehead, there was some blood soaking the light leathers on his left side. "Fiona's focusing the majority of her forces on that wing. I think she's wary of the Professor. Mercer and Sorcha have gone to reinforce them—I think they'll be fine, if we can handle this lot and that."

He pointed with one of the knives in his hands even as the lurching silhouette of the golem detached itself from the shadow of the bridge. It was nearly as tall as the gate; each step it took seemed to reverberate in the ground. The few horses remaining about the camp spooked and fled at top speed, heedless of what or whom they crashed through, mindless with fear. It trampled tents and corpses alike beneath it, its metal carapace the same dull grey as the sky overhead. Through small gaps in the iron shell, Thea could see a pulsing blue light, evidence of some great roaring engine inside.

“The average soldier's got nothing on that," Vridel said grimly. “It's going to have to be the six of us."

“We shouldn't waste time, then. We need to head out and meet it so it doesn't get any further," Alaric stated, glancing towards Vridel and then Reynard. His eyes seemed to soften for a second before he glanced out towards the golem that was still coming their way.

“We can't just take it head on, though. We'd be going straight to our deaths that way," Thea stated. They didn't have much time to strategize, either. Taking in a deep breath, she glanced towards Sofia and Deirdre. “Sofia, Deirdre and I will cover from its left side. You three take its right. If we can keep it from becoming centralized on either group, we might have a chance at taking it down."

“It's risky, though," Deirdre stated, her brows furrowing.

“Risky, but we don't have much of a choice, either. We need to destroy that thing, one way or another," Alaric stated as he gripped his lance tightly. “Shall we?" he stated, pointing towards the golem. Thea nodded her head and glanced in Vridel's direction.

“Be careful," she stated reaching out to touch his forearm before they took off towards the golem.

“And you," he murmured, touching her with a healing spell as she pulled her arm away.

Alaric's group was the faster one by a fair margin, and it was they who reached the golem first. Vridel cycled through various types of magic, no doubt trying to figure out what, if anything, would bring it down. Reynard didn't seem to attack right away, instead circling the thing as if studying it, knives in his hands but for the moment making no attempt to hack at the creature's great armored legs. It was unlikely they'd have done much of anything anyway.

Deirdre seemed to be doing the same thing as Vridel, throwing spell after another, but nothing really seemed to be affecting it. It took a swing at Alaric, but he was much faster than it, dodging out of the way, and swinging his lance towards its arm. It merely retracted its arm, and tried again. Thea pursed her lips together as she rolled out of the way of one of its attacks, throwing Amyr into the crook by its elbow. The axe bounced off like it was just a mere practice axe, and she recalled it to her.

“Nothing seems to be working," Deirdre gritted through her teeth. Thea furrowed her brows, but she couldn't disagree. They needed to be able to get underneath its armor if they wanted to defeat it, somehow.

“Rey," Thea called out to him. He had a better chance of at least getting on the creature. If he could, then they could possibly distract it long enough so he could, at least, peel off one of the armored plates around its chest, or even its back. Wherever that would lend them the advantage. Thea could hear the others in the distance, engaging with their enemies. No doubt Fiona was likely taking the field where the others were.

“Alaric and I are going to make it swing for us. Try and climb it if you can," she stated, nodding in the direction of Alaric who nodded his head as well. She trusted the others to do the same. The focus was to be on them while Reynard did what he could to give them the advantage they needed. Thea swung Amyr for the creature's legs while Alaric used his lance more to jab towards it rather than swing or slice. It was meant to antagonize, if anything.

Vridel and Deirdre switched their focus to cold spells, things that would make it harder for the golem to move, concentrating these at its joints. Sofia took a third vantage behind it, but then dropped to a crouch, hefting her tower shield with both hands until it was on her back like a turtle's shell.

“Reynard!" she called.

He seemed to know what she meant, and stowed his knives, backing up and then exploding forward into a sprint. He jumped at the end of it, and as soon as he hit the shield, Sofia surged upwards beneath him, boosting him as high as she could.

It was just high enough, combined with the force of his own jump. Reynard caught onto one of the golem's legs near the top, ascending its torso quickly. He must have seen something earlier that got his attention, because he was clearly climbing with purpose. The golem swayed, thrashing in what was almost slow motion, too large to be any quicker. Its great lurches occasionally forced Reynard to pause; a have to the right left him hanging on with one hand, legs scrabbling frantically to regain purchase. He managed it, somehow, and propelled himself up towards its shoulder.

Drawing a knife, he slammed it hard into what seemed to be some kind of joint, the blade heating to a cherry red color with some kind of spell Thea didn't know. Sidling over the thing's shoulders in a crouch, he peeled the top of the armored panel off like peeling the skin from a fruit. At some point, the knife hit an obstacle and Reynard lost his grip on it, fitting his hands inside the new gap and jumping down to pull with his bodyweight.

With a great screeching sound that stung their ears, the panel tore away, slowing Reynard's descent just enough that he stopped abruptly about ten feet from the earth, hanging by the bent-back panel, still attached along the bottom seam. It didn't matter though—he'd exposed a large swath of its core along its back-left side—a large enough target for all of them to hit.

Vridel struck first, hurling a bright spell right for the spot. On impact, the golem stiffened and swung towards him, Reynard just barely jumping clear. The move exposed the weak spot to Thea and Alaric.

They wasted no time.

They couldn't afford to.

Thea hurled Amyr for the spot with as much force as she possibly could, more than she'd ever used before, as Alaric did the same with his lance. Their weapons landed true, and immediately, Thea called Amyr as quickly as she could, willing her legs to go as fast as they could so she could get one last throw into it. With the momentum used, the second hit shattered the core, stilling the golem. Its eyes no longer glowed, nor did it make any attempt to move, after.

Thea tried to catch her breath, her shoulders heaving slightly as she turned towards her group. “Let's go catch up with Professor's group," she stated. In the distance, she could hear the fighting. It seemed, however, that someone had the upper hand. Mercer could be heard, just barely, giving an order. Deirdre glanced towards Sofia and the others, before nodding her head.

It was clear, however, when they did approach Professor's group, Fiona was on the ground, dead, and everyone seemed to be wearing exhausted smiles. They'd won their battle to take the bridge back, and Thea felt a wave of relief wash over her. Taking in a deep, slow breath, she turned towards the group and smiled. Some of them were covered in battle wounds, some more profound than others, but she and Vridel could take care of some of the healing until the others could be attended to, properly.

“It looks like we did it."

“A battle won does not make a war finished, though. We can breathe easier, now, though, that we have the bridge back. We have the advantage, and that's what we really needed the most," Mercer spoke, a great burdern being lifted from his shoulders, it seemed. At least that's the way it appeared when he finally slumped his shoulders, losing all tension in side of them.

Sorcha wiped a trickle of blood away from her nose; it looked to have been broken in the fight, and her face was smeared with crimson, but she seemed to be in reasonably good health otherwise. The Professor's left arm was limp at his side, oozing blood into a growing puddle on the ground, and Devon was limping, but... they were alive. One more obstacle surmounted. Somehow.

"You all owe me... so many drinks." Grimacing, Reynard popped his own arm back into its socket; it seemed to have been wrenched out when he fell.

“We owe you more than that, Rey," Alaric stated, smiling somewhat as he shook his head. Thea managed a small smile on her face, then.

They were all alive, and that's what mattered.

“Alright, who wants to be healed first?!" because she could do that much with her Crest activated.