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located in Terminus Cave, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Terminus Cave

A very deep abandoned mine shaft. 'Terminus Cave' was abandoned after a rumored powerful pokemon chased the miners away.


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Leech Seed struck one of the shadows, and it howled. What Ferrothorn would find would be both interesting - yet terrifying. The shadows were bottomless and lifeless pits, but they were not empty. Rage fueled them, and agony filled their frigid and lightless husks.

A thousand thousand minds stretched beyond the empty voids of their souls, spreading across unfathomable distances like a massive interconnected web of consciousness. The dread hivemind knew no fear, for they were united in purpose and resolve. They knew no pain, for the collective shouldered the burdens of the individual.

The shadows, disorganized yet frenzied, attacked their targets with the reckless ferocity of rabid wolves. They twisted like ethereal serpents and slashed with icy talons.

Keep the brute on stand-by. If the natives do not break, then retreat and resort to probing attacks. Outlast them and stick to the shadows.