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located in Fódlan, a part of Fire Emblem: Apotheosis, one of the many universes on RPG.


A continent divided into three different factions: The Adrestian Empire, The Holy Kingdom of Faerghus, and the Leicester Alliance.


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I.Y. 1186 - Harpstring Moon - Wednesday the 7th
Myrddin Traning Grounds - Morning - Warm
Sorcha Blaiddyd

Sorcha grimaced, tucking the letter away in a pocket of her tunic and exiting her tent. Whoever delivered it had probably known she didn't regularly sleep in it, and yet last night, when she had, they'd somehow—

She shook her head, feeling a chill settle alongside her spine. She wasn't really sure what to do about any of this, wasn't even entirely sure what the words could really mean, and yet they stirred something in her memory. Something far less pleasant than her memories of her friends. More akin to those she got sometimes of Faerghus, before she'd met any of them except Senka.

Unsure exactly what she was doing, or what she should do, she found herself wandering almost aimlessly, thoughts unable to even out. It was unsettling, deeply so, but she didn't know if it was really worth bothering anyone else about that. She had the sense by now that most of them would worry, and she didn't want to cause them any of that. There were plenty of other things to worry about without adding strange letters into the mix. The one thing that made her unsure was the fact that someone had got into camp to deliver it. If they could do that, they could easily get in to do other, much worse things, and the security breach seemed like something people should know about.

So how to tell them that without all the other questions that would go along with it?

Her feet had somehow carried her to the practice ring at the barracks. Not really surprising when she thought about it—she understood on some level that she'd always found comfort and solace in the exertion of practice. This ring was not unoccupied, however—it looked like Thea and the Professor were having a sparring match inside. Or rather, the Professor was wielding a tower shield for defense, and Thea was trying to get past it.

It had stopped surprising her a while ago, the way he could do anything well enough to teach them about it. She remembered this because, somehow, she remembered a great deal about the Professor. It was like whatever Cornelia had tried to do had gone person-by-person, almost, and she'd just... failed to erase him, even from someplace so insignificant as Sorcha's recollection. Like his existence would not be denied, magically or otherwise. Thea, too, she'd regained a lot of memory of, for some reason, and however it had come to be it meant that she felt... comfortable, around them, in a way she couldn't yet be with the others.

Sorcha drew to a stop outside the ring, bracing her hands against it and barely registering the way sensation was different in one set of fingers from the other. For the moment, she just... watched the match.

They hadn't seemed to notice her, at least not immediately. Thea kept her focus on the Professor, holding Amyr in one hand and pursing her lips together. She had a thin coat of sweat as she took a slow breath. She blinked, though, and her attention was turned towards Sorcha. Thea raised her hand to wave in Sorcha's direction before turning her attention back to the Professor, seemingly calling for the spar to end for the time being.

“Hi, Sorcha!" she greeted once she was in range. She leaned on the other side of the ring, folding her arms over it and smiled at Sorcha. “What brings you out here? Did you want to practice with Professor and I? Oh, if you did, we can bring a lance in for you or a bow," she continued, the smile never really leaving her face.

Sorcha shook her head. “Ah, no, that's all right," Sorcha said, grimacing slightly. “I was just walking around, and I wouldn't want to interrupt what you're working on anyway." She knew it wouldn't necessarily be seen as an interruption, but she figured there was probably a good reason they were doing this particular kind of practice, and she didn't want to get in the way of it. She wasn't sure she was in the right mood to practice herself anyhow.

The Professor had eased in his stance as soon as Thea halted the match, and now let the tower shield rest casually on the ground, propping his arm along the top of it and resting his chin on that. “Are you feeling all right?" he asked quietly.

Something about the keenness of his eyes convinced her he already knew the answer to his own question. Maybe it was just the strangeness of them, the way they were brighter than any human's eyes should be, and slitted like a cat or a lizard. Perhaps they always looked like he knew the answer, but she didn't think so. More like... more like he could read her unease off something she didn't even know she was projecting. Her body language maybe, or tone of voice or something.

“I'm... honestly not sure," she admitted.

Thea pushed herself away from where she was and tilted her head. “Would you like to talk about it? You don't have to if you don't want to, but Professor and I are here for you if you need to just talk. I promise I'll just listen if that's what you need," Thea spoke with a strange warmth to her voice. She was still smiling, so she probably meant what she said.

“Or if you'd like, we can just... uh, sit?" she chuckled nervously. “I'm sorry, I'm just rambling now, but if you'd like to do something or talk about something, I'd be more than happy to do it!"

Sorcha pursed her lips, expelling a breath through her nose. “I... probably do need to tell someone, honestly. I think there's been a security problem. Someone came into my tent last night when I was sleeping, and left this." She pulled the note from her tunic and handed it to Thea.

Honestly, she could hardly make sense of it herself. All she knew was that the writer was, well... obsessive, in some way. Presumably with the person she'd used to be, because Sorcha was fairly sure she'd have noticed it if someone had felt this way abut her since her return. There were vague insinuations, unsubtle assertions of possession, and generally-uncomfortable insults to Mercer and to some minor degree her other friends as well.

The content was disturbing, to say the least, but Sorcha found it more disturbing that someone had been able to enter her tent in the middle of the night to leave it behind. Whether the unidentified writer or someone who agreed to do it for them. “I have no idea who could have written it—I'd have noticed if it was someone in camp, right?" Though she knew very little anymore, she firmly believed that none of the people who called her their friend would ever do something like that... but that still left an awful lot of people.

Thea looked about as disturbed as Sorcha felt. Her eyes were slightly wide, and her mouth was open as if she were trying to say something. “This is... it's..." she couldn't seem to figure out the words she wanted to say, and handed the letter to Professor. “Who would say such things? The... only person that could come to mind is Gloucester. He is the only one I know who harbors that much malice towards Mercer, and who would say those things about... well, you," she continued, furrowing her brows.

“This isn't good. If someone managed to sneak into our camp to leave this, who knows what else they might try to do," she stated, glancing back towards Sorcha. “We'll have to increase patrols to fix this breach. I think... I think it's best if you stay with someone else for the duration of this march to Gronder, Sorcha. Stay with Mercer at night, or even Senka or myself, or one of the others. It'll be safer that way, I think, for you. At least until we can get something sorted out." Thea looked vaguely worried before she shook her head.

Sorcha nodded slightly. She'd taken to sleeping by herself again once she'd realized the trouble rumors were causing Mercer, but... well, she didn't really want to pull one of the others away from their fiancé, but she'd figure something out. “Yeah," she said, knowing some kind of response was expected. “You're so sure it's... Gloucester?"

The Professor expelled a heavy sigh. “Reasonably, yes. He... didn't take it well, the last time you met. You and Mercer outsmarted him rather publicly. More to the point, though, Mercer got a letter the other day, too, which also seemed to be from him. I don't know how it was delivered, but he made no mention of a security concern, so I suspect this is an escalation. Perhaps he's angry there has been no response." He pursed his lips.

“I think it would be safest if we posted guards outside your tents. Easier if you're sharing, but please don't feel any pressure if you don't want to." He looked up, from the letter to her, a certain softness in his expression.

Sorcha wasn't quite prepared for the wave of gratitude that came over her then. They cared, her friends, truly. And the Professor at least seemed to understand why it might not be as straightforward as imposing on someone else to protect herself. She nodded softly.


“Don't worry, Sorcha," Thea spoke, a small smile forming on her lips. “We'll get this sorted out, one way or another. And once we do, you'll be much... much safer," Thea seemed to believe that, somehow. She took a deep breath, though, and tilted her head as if she were thinking of something.

“Well, I'm kind of hungry, now. Do you want to go get breakfast with us? I'm sure a nice hot meal is just what today has ordered, right?" she grinned at Sorcha before turning her attention to the Professor.

He huffed softly, but seemed amenable to the course of action, a tiny smile playing at the edges of his mouth.

Sorcha released a breath, feeling some part of her relax just a bit. “Sure, Thea," she said with a faint shake of her head. “Let's get breakfast."