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located in Fódlan, a part of Fire Emblem: Apotheosis, one of the many universes on RPG.


A continent divided into three different factions: The Adrestian Empire, The Holy Kingdom of Faerghus, and the Leicester Alliance.


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I.Y. 1186 - Garland Moon - Monday the 2nd
Great Bridge of Myrddin - Evening - Clear
Cyril Eisner

It had been three whole days before the army was in any shape to march.

The battle with Gloucester had been successful, but ultimately costly. Fully a third of their ground troops had been killed, and another half of what was left were injured in some capacity. Fortunately, the majority of those who'd survived were seen to relatively quickly, and were at least mobile again, though for some, the road to anything like a full recovery would be... considerably longer.

As for himself... he felt almost guilty, somehow. With or without the assistance of magic, his wounds seemed to simply close on their own, his bleeding to stem and his flesh to knit and his bruises to pale and his bones to mend. Not immediately, of course, but almost as though a constant stream of healing magic were coursing through his system. It had begun as a trickle, the kind of thing that helped him recover from his near-death within a few months. It was steadier now, though, and while he'd started off in better shape than a lot of the others, he was now completely fine.

Lifting the flap into the infirmary tent, he stepped carefully in, steaming bowls of soup lined up on the large tray in his other hand. “Dinner's here," he announced. “If you can walk feel free to come and get it; otherwise I can bring it to you."

Devon, Vridel, Mercer, Thea, Deirdre, and Sofia were among the walkers, though the young Emperor especially looked more dead than alive. Sort of understandable, when you had to contribute to the healing effort along with being healed.

Sorcha's knee was still broken, so he walked hers over to her. Reynard had apparently nearly had a leg torn off by one of the golems when it got hold of him; the whole thing was in a splint, so he wasn't up and about yet, either. Both were fine sitting up, though, which not everyone had been as little as a couple of days ago, so Cyril would count that a good thing.

Sylvi's hip had been dislocated from where one of the golems had managed to hit her, but luckily it wasn't shattered. It still needed a few days to heal properly before she'd be able to walk again, but she didn't seem to mind. She was smiling, if anything, as she waved towards Cyril. Senka had a broken arm and leg, mostly from when she'd ran Liev into the side of one of the aerial beasts. She was healing rather quickly, perhaps aided by her own healing magic. She tended to those who were in reach, of course, but she didn't really move anywhere.

Mercer had two broken wrists so it seemed he was going to have a bit of trouble eating his food. He walked over towards Cyril and Sorcha. “Hey Teach, put mine with Sor's. I want her to spoon feed me," he stated, pulling up a seat next to Sorcha. Deirdre snickered but rolled her eyes at him.

“You leave Sorcha alone, and let her eat her food, jerk. Have someone else spoon feed you, or get a straw and drink it. It's soup," Deirdre stated as she shook her head.

“But it's not quite as fun, now is it? You'd want Sofi to spoon feed you if you couldn't hold up a spoon, wouldn't you?" he retorted. Deirdre rolled her eyes harshly and proceeded to ignore Mercer. Sylvi and Senka both chuckled as Thea joined Deirdre in rolling her eyes as well.

“Lord Fishface, let Sorcha eat her food. If she wants to feed you after she eats, that's her call," Thea supplied as she made her way to Vridel.

“I don't mind," Sorcha said quietly when Cyril looked towards her in inquiry. Reynard huffed softly and cracked a smile, but offered no commentary.

Vridel did, though. “Lucky you, Lord Fishface," he said. “Otherwise it probably would have been the Professor."

Cyril snorted. “Look I might not be in charge of you lot anymore, but I'm just here to deliver the food. You've got to eat it yourselves." He would have, of course, taken care of any of them in whatever way they actually needed him to, but the fact that they were joking around about it was a good sign, to his mind. The last few days had been... quiet. Everyone had to process what it meant to lose so many, to find themselves more vulnerable than they'd been in a while. They were so much more than the average person could be that he was sure it seemed at time as though they were... not invincible, but as close to it as fragile humans ever got.

To be reminded that their bones broke and skin tore as easily as anyone's, in such a way, well...

He was glad they had the victory to lean on, because if had come as part of a loss, he didn't want to think about what it would have done to them all.

Cyril passed out the remaining bowls as instructed, pausing only to lay a gentle kiss on Senka's forehead, threading a touch of healing magic into it. The real work was yet to come for the evening, but if it soothed the stings and aches even a little in the meantime, he'd consider it worth it.

“Just sit here; it's easier," Sorcha added, shifting over on her cot to leave space for Mercer to squeeze in with her.

Mercer merely puffed out his cheeks in Vridel's direction before grinning. “You're just jealous that Thea's not doing that for you," he replied, taking the seat next to Sorcha, though he seemed to leave a bit more room for her so she could be more comfortable. He had two broken wrists, she had a broken knee, so it seemed to make more sense for him to do that.

“If Vi wanted to be spoon fed, he'd ask. I'm not going to just foist it upon someone without asking first, stupid fishface," Thea retorted, earning a chuckle from Sylvi.

“Now you've done it; you seem to have earned the ire of everyone here, Merc," Sylvi stated, taking a bite of her soup.

“It's a specialty of his," Senka replied as if it were the most obvious thing. She was smiling softly, though before she shook her head.

“Hey, now. She said yes, so I don't know why you're all jealous," he murmured. Senka gave him a flat look, though.

“No one said we were jealous, Mercer. Only that you should ask beforehand. It's considered polite," she retorted, causing Mercer to roll his eyes.

“You're all just jealous."

By this point, Sorcha looked rather like she wished for the conversation to focus on anything else, pink faced and not making eye contact with anyone, but she did indeed gamely dip the spoon into the bowl and lift it nonetheless.

Cyril chuckled softly. “All right, all right," he said, waving a hand nonchalantly. “Who's feeling up to helping with the healing after dinner?" He'd warned them all rather sternly not to overdo it, as they were all still recovering as well, but the fact remained that the best way to get better was to quite literally help each other do it.

“I can," Vridel said, sounding a little weary but not moreso than Cyril expected. Sorcha nodded as well.

“Oh, I can definitely help, too," Thea stated, smiling somewhat as she placed a hand on Vridel's arm. Deirdre pursed her lips together before shrugging her shoulders.

“I'm not that good with white magic, but I know one healing spell. I suppose I can help out," Deirdre stated. Sylvi merely pursed her lips together, though, and shook her head. She didn't know any healing spells, so it was obvious as to why she was shaking her head. That, and she couldn't walk.

“Well, if you're willing to help me around," Senka began, glancing in Cyril's direction. She looked quite serious before she continued, “I can help with some of the healing."

Mercer held up his wrists, though, and shook his head. “Sorry Teach. These hands won't be much help doing anything, but I can probably help with other things. Things that don't really require me to move my hands much," he stated.

Cyril didn't mind helping Senka move around at all; he could carry her with next to no effort anyway, and while he'd have to be mindful of her injuries, he knew he could do so without jostling anything.

Of course there were some of his students who didn't know any white magic to begin with, and that was fine. He wasn't especially adept in it himself, preferring the dark arts. But there were other things that could be done, and it was fine just to rest, too.

“Works for me, then," he said simply. “Let's get started."