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"I'm not certain. I don't want to run headlong into any traps. After all, if these cultists managed to subdue, even kill two Dogs...they must have numbers on their side. And if there are more of them in this hotel aside from that maid, well...perhaps we'd best leave while we can, and regroup with the others. They need to know what's happened...and besides that, we'll have better chances coming back to this hotel in full force, maybe even with the police at our side. The proprietor might be gone by then, but it's a risk we'll have to take," Sonia advised after a moment.

It was risky, chancing that a lead like that could vanish, if indeed the hotel manager, or anyone else here for that matter, knew more than what they were saying. But at the same time, she didn't want to repeat any of the mistakes that had no doubt done in Ford and Meyers. Besides, there was no telling what their fellows had also found: regrouping and exchanging information seemed like the best course of action to her.