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Snippet #2791944

located in Portland, Oregon, a part of Hero Service, one of the many universes on RPG.

Portland, Oregon



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Character Portrait: Lorenzo de la Riva Character Portrait: Sunhi Na
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xxxxxxxSunhi was awake, if only because she had yet to sleep. Night had trailed its fingers across her skin, beckoning her to sink into slumber, but Sunhi had shaken its grasp as if it were no more than a pesky fly. There were too many things to be done and too many thoughts to be thunk to waste a third of her life in unconsciousness.
xxxxxxxSparks zig-zagged from her fingertips to embed themselves in the small machine sitting atop her crossed legs. She murmured soothingly to it as if speaking to a beloved pet or small child. The metal plates squealed like an injured animal.
xxxxxxx'There, there,' whispered Sunhi, as she wiggled her fingers between a narrow gap at its side. 'Got it!' Sunhi grinned, yanking a smoking piece of debris from the depths of the broken machine. She lifted it triumphantly in the air, before screaming and dropping the flaming piece of metal, that proceeded to explode at her feet. The shard was small, but no less scathing to the touch. Sunhi tucked her burned fingers to her chest, which were already beginning to blister.
xxxxxxxThe machine she'd been fixing leapt to its feet, wobbling around on unsteady wheels. It rotated its round head to look up at her, the glass panel across its face showing a series of decimals and punctuation marks that resembled a smiling face. It spun on its wheels and released a happy whirring noise.
xxxxxxx'Aww, don't mention it, Kibble!' The small round robot nudged the side of her thigh. 'Mmm, let's see what I have.'
xxxxxxxSunhi dug through the pouch at her side, pulling out a small screw. She held it out to Kibble, who proceeded to gobble up the little bit of metal into the latch at its midsection. The small creature was the first robot Sunhi had ever made. She'd been only seven at the time, and yet to come into her powers. That meant Kibble wasn't the smartest of all AI, but Sunhi loved her little robotic friend all the same.
xxxxxxx'Burnt toast?' a familiar voice asked from behind her. Sunhi turned to find Enzo waving at the smoke that had filled her room.
xxxxxxxEnzo raised a brow and leaned against the frame of her bedroom door, his arms folded over his chest. 'Oh? That's certainly not the usual reaction I get. The "oh's" I receive are usually much more enthusiastic.' Enzo smirked. 'Or breathless.'
xxxxxxx'You're not Kat,' Sunhi said bluntly.
xxxxxxx'Some would argue I'm better.'
xxxxxxxSunhi tilted her head, eyes glazing over with code as she searched the web. The silver faded back to a warm brown. 'No,' she replied matter-of-factly. 'Literally nobody has ever said that.'
xxxxxxxEnzo laughed. 'You're hilarious, little cyborg girl.'
xxxxxxxSunhi frowned. She hadn't realised she'd made a joke.
xxxxxxx'Sunhi,' Enzo continued. 'Sweetheart.'
xxxxxxxSunhi blushed. No one had ever called her sweetheart. Not even her parents. What did this mean? Was he-
xxxxxxxSunhi covered her body with her arms. Her eyes darted to the left and she grabbed a pencil, wielding it with shaky hands. 'I'm not- We will not engage in sexual relations!'
xxxxxxxEnzo pushed from the door and rubbed his palm over Sunhi's head. Her dark hair tumbled over her face, blinding her. She squeaked. 'Don't worry, darling. You're not exactly girlfriend material. More puppy or goldfish.'
xxxxxxx'I love goldfish.'
xxxxxxx'Good for y-' Enzo jumped back. 'What on earth is that?'
xxxxxxxKibble had rolled its away over to Enzo and bumped against his shin. The little robot spun, cycling back and forth as if unsure what was in its way.
xxxxxxxSunhi reached over and lifted the machine, holding it lovingly against her arms. 'His name is Kibble and he's my friend.'
xxxxxxxEnzo said nothing for a few moments, before nodding, as if everything suddenly made sense. 'Of course he is, little cyborg girl.' Enzo held out his hand. 'Come on, we have to be at the control room.'
xxxxxxxSunhi watched him warily, clutching Kibble against her chest. She grabbed a tissue from nearby and placing it in Enzo's hand, slowly grasped it.
xxxxxxx'Wow, I swear I've bathed in the last year,' Enzo said sarcastically.
xxxxxxx'Human hands have five million strains of bacteria.'

xxxxxxxEnzo was about to step into the control room when Sunhi tugged at his dark shirt. He turned around and looked down, further down, and farther down, before his gaze rested on the little cyborg girl. Interconnected lines decorated one side of her body, giving her the appearance of a computer that had been shaped into the form of a girl.
xxxxxxx'Yes?' Enzo mused.
xxxxxxx'It's 5:27,' she said, as if that told him everything he needed to know. He waited and she continued, 'We were told to be there at 5:30 sharp.'
xxxxxxxEnzo took her wrist and adjusted the watch she wore so it read 5:30. 'And now it's 5:30.'
xxxxxxxSunhi frowned. 'I have access to all the world clocks in my hea- Kibble!'
xxxxxxxKibble had rolled forward without them, spinning itself into the control room and bumping into a fellow member of Hero Team Zelta. Sunhi rushed over, somehow managing to trip over flat ground.
xxxxxxxEnzo looked on and yelled out, 'Don't fall! There's bacteria on the ground!'