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located in Portland, Oregon, a part of Hero Service, one of the many universes on RPG.

Portland, Oregon



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Character Portrait: Riley Schofield
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| Oryx | Shadow Manipulation | Combat Suit | #063A67

Riley had been awake far too long already as knocking and voices from outside of her room echoed down the hall. It would be on their early assignments, and from what they were told in preparation days earlier, was that they would need to be awake bright and early as well as in tip-top shape. And as such she was already wide awake in her room busy at work. She as well as a few of the others had a strict schedule and regime to stick to. Riley had been busy working on more of the design and customization for her suit as she heard the knock on the door, alerting everyone to having to be up and ready in the Control Room as soon as possible. Riley quickly changed into sweatpants and a sweatshirt as she ran down the hallway and took an elevator down to where she needed to go, she hadn't realized what time it was, and knew she was going to be late. If only by a few minutes, but nonetheless late. Once the soft chime echoed from the elevator she bolted out the door and ran down the hallway, her footsteps echoing as she turned down a few other corridors, and finally saw the door down the long hallway that she needed to get to. As she closed in the door it opened with a metallic and airy whoosh as it slid open. The other side of the room was filled with otherwise blinding lights, pure white metal walls, glass windows, and other objects as well as a few desks and tubes and capsules that aligned the wall.

What had caught her attention were the people in coats crowded around something that was hidden from her current view, but as she neared closer the people turned and looked at her as others continued their work. "Good-morning, Ms. Schofield." one of them said. It was a taller, gray-haired man with large glasses and a kind smile as he shook Riley's hand and patted her on the back as he welcomed her in. "Good-morning, Patterson. How's it coming along?" Riley asked rather inquisitively as she eyed the object that the workers were fixated on. The old man smiled as the others simply either gave Riley a small nod and smile or simply a roll of their eyes at her presence. To say that Riley wasn't exactly a fan favorite around the Department wouldn't be far from the truth. Not many people had been rather fond of her or even really cared much or paid her any mind, and it didn't bother her as much as others would have thought. Patterson smiled and gestured to the large metal table in the center of the lab workers who's focus was fully on their work, not the others around them, "It's almost finished, a little more work on the helmet and some patchwork here and there. But, it is more or less done, Ms. Riley. I hope it is finally to your liking? We did get the update from you on some of your preferences, and they will be adjusted as soon as possible." he said with a small smile as the two looked on the helmet that was positioned on the table and under construction as metal grating and smoke rose as engravings were added into the center of the helmer above the brows. "It's perfect. Do you think it's fine for being taken out today? I do have to be back at the Command Room in a few minutes as well." she said with a bit of excitement and impatience in her tone. Patterson smiled and patted her shoulder gently, "It is capable of being used out in the field, but be sure to not be so rough with it just yet, okay? It still is rather in its early phases of completion." he said with a smile as he turned back to the see the others had finished up the engravings on the helmet, handing it over to the man that dusted off the visor and handed it over to the girl. "I hope it serves you well my dear. You already have the rest of the suit in your room, so let us know how it feels and serves you as your on the field, as we did implement a speaking feature in it just like you asked."

A large smile crossed her face as she felt the material touch her fingertips, and then finally fully in her hands as she looked at the helmet, slightly hoisting it up in the air as the lighting in the room glistened off of the otherwise blackened visor. "It's perfect. Thank you so much! I will definitely let you all know how it works out and will be back with it later!" she said with a smile as she gave a small bow and wave as she turned and ran out of the room. Patterson and the others gave her a small smile and wave as they watched her runoff, and as her form disappeared into the hallway Patterson turned to the others and gave them a nod. His once friendly and soft looking expression on his face slowly turned into one that was colder and emotionless as they went about discussing certain matters amongst themselves. A few short minutes later Riley had already gotten back to her room and changed into her full combat suit, looking into the mirror one last time as he held the helmet in the crook of her arm as she held it firmly. "You got this..." she muttered to herself and took a deep breath as she turned and left her room, seeing a few of the others walk into the control room she sighed, she knew she was going to be a bit late, but from the looks of it, she wasn't the last one, thankfully. One of the things she hadn't been expecting was how heavy sounding the boots were as they thudded down the hallway, that was something she'd need to get adjusted next time the suit was sent back in. Awkwardly and silently she walked into the Control Room, seeing that Agent Alteraz was there, as well as Lucas, of course he'd be there, why wouldn't he be? And thankfully one face she didn't exactly mind seeing, if not looked forward to seeing was Leo. She gave them all a small wave, and gave Agent Alteraz a small nod, "Sorry for being late. I'll try to make sure it doesn't happen again."