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located in Castelia City, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Castelia City

Castelia is a sprawling seaside metropolis located in south central Unova. You can find just about anything in this majestic city, including a spaceport and people dedicated to using their pokemon to teleport others between various major planets.


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4:00 AM : Castelia Central Area

It happened suddenly, a large portal would open in front of the fountain. About as wide as the fountain, and almost as tall, from it emerged dozens of Starmie and Minior, each Starmie flanked by two of the small meteors in Meteor Form. With no discrimination or warning, the Starmie quickly organized while each of the Minior began scattering pointed stones across the area that levitated once set.

Behind the quick setup, several soldiers emerged from the portal. The males wore a shadow diamond mail cuirass over a long-sleeved undershirt, along with pants, gauntlets, a barbute helmet, and boots with a super short heel. The females wore a shadow diamond mail cuirass over a sleeved blouse, along with a miniskirt designed in emulation of a Mega Diancie's "dress", opera gloves, a morion helmet, and thigh-high heeled boots with a modest heel. Each cuirass radiated the same shadowy energy to those who could sense it and surely provided benefits to the wearer. Each Trainer bore different weapons made of the same shadow diamonds, with the males carrying short swords and bucklers, while the females had two-handed axes instead. Notably, each soldier, given their height, seemed to be comprised of actual Trainers who may have been on their journeys.

They quickly fanned out in groups as they began releasing Pokemon, largely early adventure Normal and Fairy-types. Behind them, several heavily armored knights emerged slowly, each armed with a lance and a tower shield. Their armor, too, was made of shadowy diamonds; an emulation of full plate armor that afforded complete coverage and looked well-fortified. No doubt the armor was providing benefits to the wearers. The knights seemed to be mostly older Trainers given their stature and size. They too began spreading out, releasing slightly more advanced Pokemon of Rock, Steel, and Ground-types.

Then came the Trainers riding Corviknight. The females were similarly armored to their walking counterparts, but they had bows and arrows with them, alongside a lance stored on their backs. The Corviknight were about as intimidating as ever, especially to a region that had little experience with them. Sigilyph accompanied the Trainers as well.

Every group assembled in the Central Plaza as a preparation. Last to emerge was a young woman standing upon the back of a Steelix that rose up high, giving her a view of the city as she held a megaphone before her with a disheveled look. Adjusting her glasses, she began speaking.

Is this thing on...? Well... Let me introduce myself. I am Marcosha Qix. You can call me, uh, Marcosha Q... If it's easier... Well, anyway, on behalf of Crown-Princess Melaine Diancie, of the New Ruulan Empire, the seven days afforded with the additional grace day have all elapsed... So, as Castelia City has not been given hands between trad...uh, traded hands with, or been given to, the New Ruulan Empire, we will take it by force as part of this...war effort...I think... So, uh, make your best efforts in fighting us, I guess... I won't hold back... Or something... I don't know... Just...go... And die...

The Steelix roared as the woman became surrounded in some kind of shadowy aura, her eyes glowing purple. The woman then opened her book as energy swirled out of it to encompass all the Pokemon on the field that did not belong to the other soldiers with her. Quickly, a young girl in a simple dress joined her. Eyes glowing red, the girl ascended, as if flying, to stand atop Steelix beside Marcosha.

D-do not forget me! B-Boo! I am Mikhayu, and I'm c-coming for y-you! W-Where is the UPL leader? W-We shall hear your l-last cries!

Despite the front she tried to put up, she did seem a little timid, until her eyes began glowing a yellow-orange as her veil fell away. She began floating once more as a shadowy aura surrounded her as well.

The UPL is challenged by NRE Commandant Marcosha and NRE Commandant Mikhayu!

Current Active Pokemon:
??x Starmie
??x Minior
??x Sigilyph
??x Drifblim
1x Steelix

Active Commandant: Marcosha Qix

Specialty: ???
Deficiency: ???

Minor Shadow Gift: ???

Major Shadow Gift: ???

Shadow Meter: ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Multi Partner: Mikhayu Gluffs

Specialty: ???
Deficiency: ???

Minor Shadow Gift: ???

Major Shadow Gift: ???

Shadow Meter: ImageImageImageImageImageImage