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located in Portland, Oregon, a part of Hero Service, one of the many universes on RPG.

Portland, Oregon



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When Alvarez’s announcement boomed through her room, Bronwyn swore, along with all four of her clones who were currently engaged in curling her hair and doing her makeup. Bronwyn had been up for a good hour already, an hour she had spent eating oats with skim milk and selecting the perfect shade of pink for her nails. However, when Alvarez followed up his visit with a knock on her door, she realised she was quickly running out of time, like usual, as every morning she pushed the boundaries of tardiness trying to get that extra bit of primping in.

When the clock hit 5:25, she tapped all her clones on their shoulders to dispel them, before whipping on her uniform and running to the control room. Well, not running exactly, more of a hasty stroll, she couldn’t risk upsetting her curled hair while it was still setting.

She arrived to witness to an intense glaring session between everyone’s favourite uptight leader and Leo. It was over as soon as it started but that didn’t stop Bronwyn from strutting up to Lucas and inserting herself. “Your social skills are as effective as ever.” She motioned to where Leo was with no subtlety. “What dick-ish thing did you say this time?” It was easy to assume that Lucas was the one at fault, while Bronwyn herself didn’t get the appeal most people tended to find Leo pleasing enough to be around. She wasn’t going to sugar coat her comments to Lucas either, she was pretty sure the only reason they got along was that he bore her blunt nature, and she accepted his criticisms.

She turned to Will with a smile, “Morning.” Anything else that could be said was killed by Kip’s reappearance with an inside out t-shirt. Bronwyn and Kip were friends, but even if they weren’t a fashion mistake like that couldn’t be allowed to go on. Luckily he fixed it up before Bronwyn had to send a clone over there to do it for him. She looked back at Lucas and Will, with a heavy sigh, “He is such a walking disaster.” The words weren’t particularly nice, but she didn’t say them with malice. One of the appeals of Kip was his goofier side.

Carter was awake for Alavarez’s announcement, he was lying in bed watching his clock tick down to doomsday, well, 5:30, but Carter was happy to treat it like a ticking bomb. Carter didn’t do anything without some degree of competition, and this morning he was planning on beating his record. He cracked all the knuckles in his left hand before moving to his right as he waited in anticipation. "5, 4, 3…“ He murmured a count down with his clock and on one, he jack-knifed out of bed.

Carter launched across his room, tore out his uniform and was slinking in to it while also pouring himself some cereal or breakfast. Not saving time for a spoon, he brought the bowl to his lips eating the cereal as if it were a smoothie, while also sprinting down the hallways. Once he’d down his breakfast, he dropped the bowl on a window ledge and activated his powers, borrowing the likeness of a cheetah for speed.

He arrived at the control room with a burst of energy and speed, only slowing once he’d entered the room. He checked his watch and let out a booming, “Yes!” He’d made the trek from bed to training in 1 minute and 12 seconds, beating his previous record, though he was still aiming to break the 1 minute line, hence he was all of 12 seconds late. “One minute, twelve. I crushed it.” Carter said the words to the Mac Naidh sibling group that he was bounding over to, but his voice had a tendency to boom all over the place in his easy excitement.

“You’re such an idiot,” He said with a good natured laugh as he wrapped an arm around Kip’s neck. Though quickly Carter attempted to turn the friendly gesture into a headlock, trying to give his friend’s hair a playful ruffling. Upon releasing Kip he gave the rest of the group his attention and let out a grin, “Morning all. Let’s get this thing started.”