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located in The Final Frontier, a part of The Blackbird's Cry, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Final Frontier

"Space: the final frontier." How often have we heard that line?


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Robert looked over to Mark with a slight grin from the robot's response. "Alright then Mark, I'm all ears. What did you have in mind?"


Draka nodded at Nierra as his fingers clicked away at his voice device. "You seem capable, perhaps you and I would be better suited to do the repelling than the officers and shipmates." Before too long, the two engineers reached the armory, already unlocked and doors opened. Draka went deeper into the back of the armory, searching for where his weapons had been placed.

The large man soon returned to where Nierra was, a Plutonian Assault Rifle in hand. The hefty looking piece of artillery could cause a decent amount of damage, but Draka was more than well acquainted with how to use it properly. Or in other words, safely.