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located in Scarriden, a part of many of horror, one of the many universes on RPG.


Villains are not the most frightening thing in the shadows here.


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xxand with the black banners raised
xxand the crooked smiles fade
xxformer heroes who quit too late
xxwho just want to fill up the trophy case
Lucian just grinned as Markus mentioned he’d be there and be able to blend in. “Oh don’t you worry darling, Maelstrom will be there, lurking behind the scenes. You might just have to pout to one or two cameras and say how gutted I am that I can’t be there but I’m just too unwell.” He wouldn’t miss the opportunity to get his revenge for the world. Not after everything. Not after this.

He pouted teasingly as Markus joked about burning down his apartment. “I’m hurt, Markus, deeply hurt. This is a wound that may never heal.” He said dramatically, before his face broke into a grin, almost of its own free will. “God only knows what you’ll have to do to make it up to me,” he said with a wink, before getting to his feet and having to hold in a groan as he did so. The pain had at least started to ease while he was still, but moving hurt like hell. He moved slowly and carefully over to the kitchen and began searching for ingredients.

“Trust me, darling, I’ve been on my own for this long and I haven’t burned down an apartment or starved to death yet. Had a few close calls but it all worked out in the end,” he said. Those first few cooking experiments had been pretty terrible and while he joked about them now, he hadn’t forgotten that feeling of hopelessness, of feeling like he’d never get past it. Somebody should have been teaching him to cook while he was still in his teens. Instead, he was fighting for his life on the streets and getting his hands on whatever food he could. And he’d been one of the lucky ones.

He found enough ingredients to make a decent curry and started prepping the ingredients. “You’re in luck, darling, I’ve been told my curry is to die for. It was the easiest way to wrap one of my exes around my finger if I wanted something.” It was almost concerning how comfortable he felt around Markus, how easily these stories slipped out. And as much as it terrified him that he was getting that close to someone again... there was a part of him that was so, so relieved to be able to talk to someone again.