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A few days later, M'Kama, Falcon, and Lucky found themselves in front of the Longbaoan Embassy of the Horenor. A fairly recent structure upon the Rock , it was only finished in the last two years or so. Longbaoans only regained their independence from Sor's occupation after the Oblivion Wars and thus was able to cement their place in the galactic hierarchy. Or so it seemed to M'Kama.

After what Sor put them through, he honestly wished them luck. They were not like the Rock, but they were similar enough. The major difference being Sor cared about what they had to offer. They had more resources, a united government....the Rock had no such unity. A blessing of sorts, M'Kama thought.

The embassy was multiple stories tall, it's rooftop in such a distinctly foreign shape, that it was undoubtedly of Longbaoan design and was as if they had left the Rock. Gone was the rough, arid atmosphere of the desert replaced with a serene calm of a lake or river. The Longbaoan phoenix specialized in the manipulation of water and you could feel that in the architecture.

Curved arches like waves. A blue room and plenty of water to compliment everything. There was a pond filled with massive fish, in which a fountain shot forth, filling a cut stick of bamboo with water which caused it to tip over and pour into the pond.

To the left of the front desk was a door with a sign above labeled, 'steambath', a mist emerging from the panels that lay there in place of a door. At the desk, there was a panicked looking Longbaoan, one of two working the desk, talking to a mean looking Skylander, in dusty overalls and a tipped over bowler hat.

"I apologize on their behalf, but please understand..." The thin Longbaoan official stated, wiping beads of swear from his forehead. "We cannot pay Mr. Gutner on their behalf. Their quite frankly unfeasible. But please be aware that we will work hard to gather the fee for their freedom within a few days. For now, we agree that indentured servitude is the best option. We hope Mr. Gutter treats them well."

The official bowed and the rough looking Skylander tipped his hat and that was that, their business done. The Skylander sauntered off, out the door while the panicked official made his way towards the steam bath, parting the panels in which the embassy' recent guests could spot a a rabble of men and women I'm the bath surround a muscular Longbaoan, several severe looking scars running diagonally from his shoulders. He stared daggers into M'Kama and Falcon when he spotted them for a brief moment before the panels swiftly closed and the official brought some news to his attention.

M'Kama suddenly had a thought to draw out his cards but thought against it but instead walked over to the second official and turned to look at Lucky to let her say her piece.