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located in Unova Wilderness, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Unova Wilderness

The Wilderness of the Unova Region is large and varied. (Inquire within for a better description)


Characters Present

Character Portrait: "Lord-Regent" Radegast the Trainer Character Portrait: Liam the Cinccino Character Portrait: Salticidae Character Portrait: Aerys Leurent Character Portrait: Dr. Eckels
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β€œDoc,” Radegast spoke to the Magnemite, β€œSalt, Liam. Change of plans, we gotta bounce.”

Reggie was about to ask why, but the Aegislash too spotted what was wrong with this picture. A faint, yet present shadow aura, a full belt of extremely quality-looking pokeballs, an obvious novice-looking facade despite how well-equipped she was. Additionally, she seemed to know exactly how far to stay from the obelisk. The cherry on top was the confounding claim that they were trespassing in a section of wilderness. Between a Magnemite that was an unknown element, a barely revived Salt, a Gallade with a limp sword arm, and a single Cincinno with an attitude problem, the impromptu group with terrible chemistry did not instil confidence with Radegast.

β€œDoc, you got anything that can get us outta here quick?” Radegast asked as he backed away. 'Cause I'm not in a state to find out who this chick is or who she's got with her.