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located in The Rockaverse, a part of Lords of Rock, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Rockaverse

The Land of Plenty


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"I'm after many things," M'Kama shrugged. "But for now I just want a simple understanding of the foreign cultures that have made their home on the Rock. Longbaoans. Matranians. I'm of a studious nature. All I wish to do is learn," M'Kama shrugged. "It cost quite a bit if money for me to get the approval of the guard for thus venture. Humor me at least, Longbaoan."


"If you think serving..." Sir Hoontah marched up to Girthfield, pointing an armored finger at the guardian. He exhaled. "Our goal is simple. We protect the peace. I should hope the Guardians strive to do the same," he turned around. "In the absence or death of The Tryptian command goes to Sir Nardleheim. He died in battle a Knight's death and he shall not go unavenged..." Hoontah promised. "I made sure of that."