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located in The Rockaverse, a part of Lords of Rock, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Rockaverse

The Land of Plenty


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"Utility?" Arubak questioned, raising his eyebrows over his shades as he took another puff of his cigarette. "I can manage that. As for the land....ain't nothin' special really. Weren't too long ago I payed what was left of y'alls civilization a visit. Scoped out the planets, had some fine dinin' with some business associates. That war left a lot of land on the table..."

Arubak glanced up at the ceiling as he inclined back in his chair. "And to my recollection, ain't no one comin' to claim it. Maybe it's 'cause they're dead. Maybe it's 'cause they're preoccupied. But it's ripe for the pickin', so I figured.." the warlord shrugged. "I own at pretty piece of real estate right here on the Rock...why not buy some land out there? Expand my business and whatnot?"