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Legionary Iomer marched beneath the full moon. It was smaller than the ones on his planet, and it was singular entity unlike the half dozen or so satellites that rotated in his familiar skies. Still, even though the stars were foreign, somewhere up there in the saphire abyss was Sor, and somewhere a lot closer was the Devil's Trident, burning megatons of coal and vaporizing tanks upon tanks of water to chug toward to this uncharted world.

The wind had Iomer pinned down. It felt like hiking through the mountains of Urakas, who would have known a desert could be this cold? One foot after another he marched forward, his Sorillian blue cloak wrapped around his body as tightly as he could hold it. Ahead, he spotted something, in the shadow of the dune's spine. He approached carefully. It appeared to be a frothy pile of shit, though now coated in speckles of sand. The wind blasted the scent into his face. By the Matran, human by the smell. He wasn't alone.

"Handsss on your heeeaad, space man," A voice spoke from behind Iomer. The legionary turned to see a trio of men emerge from the shadows of the desert, rifles aimed at him. They'd been invisible to him- they knew these sands better than he. The leader clenched his sharpened teeth to Iomer. "Youuu are with the blue cloakssss who landeddd here," The man hissed. "Whooo are youuu?"


Kanji grinned. "You wish to learn about... the various cultures. About Longbao." Kanji grinned. "Well, my friend, Longbao is too changing faster than you realize."