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located in The Rockaverse, a part of Lords of Rock, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Arubak chuckled, "Well, now....I can stand to learn a thing or two 'bout politics, I suppose," he admitted, leaning back in his chair. "Allies can be bought. And better than loyal employees....I got my family. I think everything should just about be in order....'cept for one last request on my end."

Arubak pushed his chair backwards and stood up, lookong out and window as he scratched his chin, glancing down at various workers reconstructing some his damaged walls after his skirmish with the Lords of Rock. "I'm workin' with the Knights on account of both of is havin' a stake in takin' down the varmints made a fool out of us...they promised me some things but I don't quite expect 'em to keep. I ain't suspicious of 'em or nothin' but they just don't got kinda pull."

He turned to face Price. "But you might, my friend. There's somethin' I value far more'n that land. Far more'n all the gold in the Holy Land. I wanna meet with a certain individual livin' at the top of the Matranical Nobility. I wanna meet with the former queen of Sor; Anora Maximus."