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located in New York, a part of the way we were, one of the many universes on RPG.

New York



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Rebecca Cruze
outfit : herex|xhex: #D02090
xxxYoung hearts, out our minds
xxxRunnin' 'til we outta time
xxxWild child's, lookin' good
xxxLiving hard just like we should


Rebecca kept her head on Erin’s shoulder as Erin told her not to mind the cops and to ignore them. The rest of the funeral nothing much happened and people began to leave, some tried to talk to Becca and Erin but she gave short answers, as well as Erin comforting her. “Erin… Can you walk me back to my hotel? I’m… I don’t want to go alone.” Rebecca asked as the two walked through the lobby and outside, though she was surprised when Erin offered to just come back and stay at her place, since it was closer and the two wouldn’t be lonely. Becca thought about it for a second before giving a small nod and Erin wrapped her arm around her and the two walked back to her place, she replied to most of Erin’s conversations with light mumbles and squeezing her hand in reply.

As the two finally entered the apartment, Becca quickly sat down on the couch and cuddled up in a blanket exhausted not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. She took off the scarf and the marks around her neck were a little bit more red now. “I like the place… homey feel…” She muttered as she looked around and back at Erin as she brought her a change of clothes. She kicked off her shoes and placed her jewelry down on the end table. Rebecca turned around so her back was to Erin as she took off the dress and undid her bra, before slipping on the t-shirt and sweatpants that was brought to her, as well as letting her hair down.

When Rebecca turned around, she saw Erin had already poured the two of them some alcohol. “You always know how I feel and want to cope ‘Rin.” Becca said showing a slight smile looking at the two glasses, but ultimately just grabbing the bottle and taking a swig. This was a the start to a busy night of drinking of Becca just wanting to forget.

Fast forward a couple hours, and it wasn’t long until the two got remorseful about the missed times with the group and they missed everyone, along with some mistakes. “Yeah… I missed everyone as well, you too Erin, like a lot. You were always my favorite drink specialist back then…” Becca said as she took another swig and coughing a little as the burning liquid went down her throat. She always like Erin a little bit more than someone who made her drinks, felt a little bit more than just friends. Rebecca started to blush a little as Erin said she was on her mind, looking away trying to hide her redness as she took another swig, feeling more tipsy but looser as she continued. “T-thanks…” Becca said under breathe.

The two continued to talk and Rebecca found herself staring at Erin, not really listening to what she was saying but admiring her. Her eyes started at her deep eyes but glazed across her beautiful face and defining features. Becca’s eyes rested on Erin’s lips for a little bit before something happened. Rebecca had impulsively interrupted Erin while she was talking, not entirely sure what she was talking about, but she didn’t interrupt her with words or a drink, but with her lips against hers. Becca had scooted closer and closer to Erin as the two talked and was barely a foot away when she practically threw herself against Erin and kissing her. The kiss felt like it lasted forever and like the connection she had always felt was energized and flowing. But Becca quickly backed off and apologized for what she did, not sure how Erin would react. “Oh! I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have. I acted impulsely…”

A cute small smile came across Becca’s face as Erin finally spoke up after the long pause between them, saying she didn’t mind this. Rebecca slowly looked back at Erin. Does this mean… she returns my feelings??? she thought back to herself, but not saying out loud. Rebecca instead just crawled back over to Erin and ran her hand through her hair,climbing into her lap and kissing her again, deeper and longer this time, and more than just lips.

Rebecca was then surprised when she felt Erin pull back and resist a little bit, basically saying they were drunk and shouldn’t be doing this. But… I’m not just drunk… I feel this way… she thought to herself, but Erin seemed pretty adamant on this. Rebecca crawled back and wrapped herself in the blanket as she finished her drink. “I’m sorry… I think I should just go to sleep.” Becca said as she went to lay down on the couch., but Erin quickly offered her own bed for her and that she would sleep in the guest bedroom. She wanted to decline and insist she didn’t have to do that for her, but at this point she just wanted to go to sleep and move on from her mistake.

The next morning Becca woke up slowly and with a headache. She groaned as she rolled over and got up, rubbing her head as she walked over to Erin’s bathroom. As she was washing her hands she thought about yesterday and last night, staring into the mirror. The attack on her life, the funeral service where all it did was bring Becca more down seeing everyone hurting, everyone being affected by Lauren’s death and the circumstances of it. The cops wouldn’t even release the body, had to keep it for more possible evidence. Evidence of her murder.

As Rebecca was looking into the mirror a small little bottle caught her eye, and something in her mind switched. She didn’t know why, or what made her think the thoughts that were flowing through her head, but she acted on it without much thought, not thinking about what others would think. Becca slowly walked over and locked the door to the bathroom before grabbing the bottle and digging through some more cabinets for the rest of what she would need to do what she wanted to do. No, what she needed to do.

Rebecca Cruze
outfit : herex|xhex: #696969
xxxI act like I don’t fuckin care,
xxxLike they ain’t even there,
xxxI act like I don’t fuckin care,
xxxCuz I’m so fuckin scared,


Hours passed, all the time Erin kept trying to check up on her and she just replied with the same answer, maybe rephrased differently; “I’m fine.” “Leave me alone.” “I’ll be out when I want to be.” and others like that. She cleaned up as much as she could after what she had done, she might not care right now, but didn’t want Erin too mad at her. It wasn’t until the door unlocked and she stepped out, as a new Rebecca

“Don’t ask me… I’m going back to my hotel. I’ll talk to you later.” Rebecca quickly said as she exited the bathroom and Erin approached her, giving her a compliment saying the new look fits her, but Rebecca just ignored it. “I don’t need you to walk me, I’m fine.” She continued as she grabbed the pile of her stuff, but still wearing the clothes Erin let her change into. On her way out Becca grabbed a hoodie off the rack. “I need to borrow this.” She said as she left some money by the table next to the door before quickly walking out.

Rebecca held tightly onto her things as she began the walk back to her hotel, not caring about what’s going on and not apologizing for the few times she bumped into people and continuing towards her destination. Usually she would be lively and talking to people, taking in her sights and maybe stopping in a store or two, but right now she just felt like she wanted to get home, well at least her empty hotel room, so she could just be alone away from everyone, she would just go back to London if she could. And the next few days Rebecca did just that, staying alone in her hotel room, only going out for food. And when her friends would try to message her and check in with her, she would reply with short messages at the start of the day and not message much until the next day when they would message her again.

It had been a few days since the attack, since the funeral service, since the night at Erin’s, and her phone rang. Becca stared at it for the first couple rings and was just gonna let it go to voicemail like all the other calls and then reply to it later via text, but seeing it was Soren this time who usually wasn’t one for phone calls, she decided to answer it. He sounded very distressed and practically begged her to come over. Rebecca had heard about the dinner party he was throwing and debating whether ongoing or not, but Soren needed her right now, and while she might not feel like caring about herself, he was still her friend.

Soren opened the door and Rebecca could tell something was wrong, something wasn’t right. She kept the same serious look on her face with a tad of sadness while she sat him down and told him she would help prep for the dinner party. She moved some stuff out of the way and seeing some medications on the counter next to the sink and sighing as moved them. But what Soren said next took most of Rebecca’s attention. The cops had questioned and thought it was Soren and brought him in because of some blackmail Lauren had on him, to force him to get back with her, along with whatever other evil ideas she would have. But there was also the information that Soren was cleared by the police after the questioning with new evidence being brought forward. People had seen Lauren after her argument with Soren, which could be someone could have seen the killer. Though Soren quickly interrupted himself as she said he needed to get dressed before people showed up and just let him excuse himself. Becca stayed in the kitchen trying to finish up everything Soren had started, but felt like she needed something more to relax, a drink. She quickly made herself a drink, but thought back to Soren and made him a drink.

As Soren came out of his room changed, Rebecca flashed a small smile and handed him the drink she prepared for him. “This should help you relax… It’s gonna be helping me.” She said as she drank hers, waited for people to show up. Hopefully this get together won’t be as drama filled like Lauren’s party...