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located in Alfheim, a part of Deliverance, one of the many universes on RPG.




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❝I am a hell in high heels. ❞

【ɗιαƖσgΟ…Ρ” cσƖσя:#CD5C5C β™™ тнσυgΠ½Ρ‚ cσƖσя #C5E3BF】

|| Flaws || Bastille ||

A light knocking came from the door. Cress had fallen asleep, curled up on the couch. Heron pushed the door open, she had finished work for the day and had come straight here, skipping out on eating dinner with the other knights. They teased her, thinking that Heron had met someone. Little did they know that she had accidentally stumbled upon a Princess. "Hey, Cress?" Heron whispered, attempting to rouse her from her slumber. Lunch was sitting, uneaten on a tray. How long had she been asleep for? She picked up the cup of tea, noticing the heavy flower scent. "Itward," she placed the cup down, slamming the door open. Itward was standing on the other side, eyes narrowed. "I see you've already discovered it. I thought it would be easier and safer to move the Princess if she did not know where she was going."

"Itward, what do you intend to do with Cress?" Heron asked, one hand on the handle of rapier. "Oh come off of it Heron, Narisia sees no reason this girl should remain here, but I think Crescent could be a valuable asset to our Kingdom. She's different, she wasn't raised with the same ideals and has no loyalties to anyone but her dear sister, who betrayed her." Heron's grip only tightened on her weapon. "You intend to use her then?" She asked, her voice steely. Itward waved a hand through the air. "No, no, I intend to groom her into a fine Princess and use her against the Queen when the time comes." Heron's teeth ground together, "You are despicable." She spat at her brother, but her brushed her off, entering the room. She couldn't raise a hand against him, not against her family.

"And you'll continue to do as I say because I'm the head of the Cherubim household and if you want to continue having spicy midnight rendezvous with your lover, I suggest you keep your toes in line. Now help me bring her to the car." Heron's arms fell to her sides, her hands balling into fists. He was right, they were at his complete mercy. "I hate you," she whispered as she lifted the sleeping Princess. "I'm well aware, it's why you left for knighthood in the first place, isn't it?" He held the door open, Heron carrying Cress to the car. She was fast asleep, completely unaware of the fact that the people she had entrusted her safety to had betrayed her. "Are you coming?" Itward asked, getting into the car behind her. "Of course, I need to know where she'll be." Itward shrugged, strapping himself in.

They needed to be careful, the Queen had accosted him before, they were sticking to back roads now, taking an unmarked vehicle he had rented from a place this morning. The drive was uneventful, thankfully, Heron remaining on edge the entire time. When they at last reached the new place, Heron blanched. "This isn't an apartment, didn't you tell Nee it was an apartment?" It was a gated house on the edge of the Untouchable Tier. It was on a side street with no traffic and no other homes, how had Itward found this place? "I needed it to be secure, of course. A one bedroom apartment in the center of the city would be far too obvious a place, don't you think?" The inside was nice, completely furnished.

"How much did you spend on this place Itward?" Heron whispered under her breath as she placed Cress in the bedroom, who had not so much as stired. She placed a finger under her nose to check that she was breathing and low and behold, the Princess jerked upright. "This isn't the room..." she looked around, startled to see Heron there. "No, we moved you while you slept. You were in there pretty deep!" Heron grinned, slightly relieved that Cress had awoken. "I had a nightmare, it felt like I was trapped." Heron jumped onto the bed, kicking off her shoes. "Want to tell me what it was about?" She asked, swinging her legs like a teenage girl. "Aya, it was about Aya."