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located in Blue Heaven, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Blue Heaven

The most popular of the Asteroid Colonies, Blue Heaven is a gambler's wet dream. Approaching vessels may [code]/pilot in[/code] to dock with the station. Those on foot can head [code]/in[/code] directly. Enable your weapon safeties!


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Character Portrait: Gina Inviere Character Portrait: Elisha Whitcomb Character Portrait: Divine Confessor Character Portrait: Charles Kesslee Character Portrait: Isambard Prince Character Portrait: Imperial Defense Force Character Portrait: Éclaire Hanley Character Portrait: Classis I Sector Langara
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Some time later...

"FTL Jump complete..." Admiral Hanley reported, taking special command of the Imperial Flagship Gigashadow for this proverbial round two of the Blue Heaven Opening. This time, though, the Emperor wanted to make an impression, and the fleet was to be immediately mustered for honor guard.

The Gigashadow winked into existence roughly 200,000 kilometers from the hollowed out asteroid, flanked on either side by the Esteem, and the Profound Solitude II.

50,000 kilometers to the bow of the Gigashadow, the Pride of Langara, a 16km long Command Carrier winked in with about a dozen escorts, mostly Hastati class cruisers, a pair of Triarii class cruisers, and a duo of Athena class cruisers, along with a handful of Aegis class defense cruisers. The Pride of Langara took point, as about a dozen more escorts winked into existence. Their hulls shimmered in the light, and their intentions clear to all who turned their attention towards the Aschen.

The Imperial Honor guard had arrived.

One by one, the escorts took up defensive positions.

"Emperor's Condor is away!" The radio chirped. A single Condor class transport, escorted by five Raptor Talon starfighters began their course towards the station.