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Snippet #2800150

located in New York, a part of the way we were, one of the many universes on RPG.

New York



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Rebecca Cruze
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xxxI act like I don’t fuckin care,
xxxLike they ain’t even there,
xxxI act like I don’t fuckin care,
xxxCuz I’m so fuckin scared,


Rebecca barely acknowledged the sort of compliment she recieved from Soren with a nod before walking away and trying to look busy so people wouldn’t bother her, most of this was just being on her phone and avoiding eye contact. Though when people did try to come up and talk to her, either to question her new look or try to comfort and make sure she was okay, she would just blow them off. Becca did make eye contact with Nate when he arrived, but quickly turned around and turned her attention elsewhere, gazing out the window and into the streets of New York, taking a few more sips of her cup of straight gin.

Becca sighed as someone tapped her shoulder and was ready to give a snide remark about not wanting to be bothered, but when she turned around and saw Erin, she just went quiet and agreed to talk to her as Erin led her to a room for a little bit more privacy Rebecca would be lying if she said she felt bad for how she left Erin’s apartment, but it was the spur of the moment and she had been impulsive and wanted to leave. She quietly listened as the other woman talked, hearing the sincerity in her voice and the words she was saying, she knew there was truth behind them but didn’t know how to respond, especially to the apology that wasn’t needed. Even though being rejected by Erin happened before Rebecca dyed her hair, it wasn’t her fault for how she was acting, how she looked. Erin went to turn away from her but Becca grabbed her hand.

“Erin. It’s fine. I’m fine. We’re fine. Nothing is ruined. It’s just complicated okay? With how eve-” Rebecca could hear a knock at the front door since it was next to the small office they were having their conversation. Becca peaked through the window and saw the build of a familiar person waiting for the door to be answered. “We will talk later. Promise” She said with an expressionless face before she excused herself from the room and went to answer the door.

When Rebecca opened it and her assumption of it being Lex was confirmed, she wanted to smile to see him again, but then remember she hadn’t really spoken to him since the few times she visited him before the memorial. “Hey Lex. Honestly surprised to see you here.” She said as she brushed her now black hair out of her face, the look Lex hadn’t seen yet. “Come on in.” Becca said as she grabbed his hand and pulled him inside, giving him a rough rundown of the set up, even seeing Soren and just making a remark about him being drunk. But when Becca saw what direction her drunk friend was going, she stopped dead in her tracks. The cop. The same cop, detective, agent, or whoever or whatever he was from Lauren's crime scene, her memorial service was now here at the dinner party.

Rebecca walked away from Lex and straight towards the cop, accidentally bumping into a few of the other patrons before getting to her destination. Usually she wouldn’t had been this so confrontational, but the liquid courage was getting to her, as well as a lot of the stress was affecting her mind. “Why are you here?” Becca said in a loud tone, a couple people turning to see what the commotion was about. “Seriously, can’t you just leave us alone for one minute without showing up and monitoring us when we’re just trying to relax? We are trying to mourn our dead friend, but you keep insisting on questioning us.” She had lightly shoved the cop, not much power behind it. Becca wasn't exactly happy with being at this party, but she definitely didn't appreciate it being crashed. She took a look around and saw now she had accidentally grabbed the attention of most people in the room, ending her gaze on Lex, almost as if to ask for help.