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Villains are not the most frightening thing in the shadows here.


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Markus simply scoffed at Lucian's attempt at a joke, especially the overdramatic flare. He always was one for the dramatics, and this was no exception. "Just be careful is all I'm saying." he said with a small smile. He watched as Lucian got to his feet and made his way over to the kitchen where he explained that he hadn't always been the best cook, but that he had gotten better. As well as having been one to make some of the best curry. Markus thought for a moment as he slowly made his own way over to the kitchen, holding his side as he did so. The knife wound in his side was still healing as it was still fresh and any and all movement had hurt to do so. He'd need to make sure he was careful in any case, as the last thing he'd need is for it to reopen.

He watched silently as Lucian made the food, watching how carelessly and almost in utter perfection how Lucian moved about the room as he cooked. It seemed to be something that came almost all too naturally to him, and caused a small smile to appear on Markus' face, but for only a moment. He shook his head, Lucian was still a villain and he was the polar opposite. At least that's what he kept telling himself. He wasn't anything like him, but yet Markus kept feeling like they were more similar in more ways than one and with past recent events, that scared him. He didn't want to think about how similar in ways that they were, especially with how he went about things when he went after Lucian. Markus didn't know why he acted the way he did, nevermind how he lashed out and didn't mind killing the people that took Lucian. If anything, it felt good to do so. To finally take some power back for himself, and for people to fear him. The look in the men's eyes as he had ended their lives were something that caused a bit of a rush in Markus, and he didn't know why and it frightened him a bit. He wasn't sure if that was simply due to how much time he had been spending with Lucian, or if it was something darker within himself that had always been there. But he didn't like it.

Markus' attention was taken aback when Lucian placed the food infront of him. Shaking his head as he recollected himself, giving Lucian a forced smile and chuckle, "Sorry, was lost in my head for a moment." he said softly. He looked back up at Lucian and then at the food that was now in front of him on the table. "Sorry, but this looks good. Thanks, Luc." he said with a small smile. He took a few bites of the food, and a large smile overtook his face as he couldn't believe how not only hungry he was, but how good the food tasted. Shoveling some more into his mouth for a few minutes before he finally spoke, "So, after this I was thinking I should go down to the shop, just to talk to my boss for a quick minute and show her everything is fine. She's been...Well, you know how bosses are when you don't show up for a few appointments in a row and have radio silence. And then after that we can go on with whatever you have in mind, seeing as I have nothing really planned, except for the obvious."