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located in New York, a part of the way we were, one of the many universes on RPG.

New York



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Agent Cassandra Heiks
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xxxGot a jail on my heart from the pessimists
xxxGot those nails in my mouth for impressionists
xxxSpent too much money on a therapist
xxxCouldn't fix me, I accepted it


The service continued and not much caught Cassandra’s attention, outside of Rebecca Cruze having some sort of bruises and the ex-boyfriend storming out since he couldn’t hold his emotions. Cass was ready to question people but Kyle reeled her back in, saying they should let the people mourn and that they could always question them later when their minds were more clear. Cass reluctantly agreed and the two snuck out of the location with the crowd of people and headed back to the station

The following days the two didn't do much, but they did bring in Soren Bowers. Cass and Kyle let the actual officers interrogate him, but Cassandra did watch from the other side of the one way mirror. She was surprised with his reaction to the information they presented him, about what was on Lauren’s phone, enough to make their behavioral expert assume he was telling the truth, along with eyewitness reports of seeing the victim after whatever argument the two had. “Well, it seems like he’s out of the hot seat.” She said out loud, mostly to herself as the cops released Soren

Cassandra only knew about the dinner party because Kyle let it slip when the two were talking about the case after the ex boyfriend was questioned and they came up short. She would be lying if she said she wouldn’t be excited for a dinner party, plus another chance to question the other suspects out of the station. Cass was one to always regret having to interrogate someone under camera’s and people watching through a one-way mirror, people were always too uptight during those questionings and usually when they are outside of the stressful environment and more relaxed they tend to slip out information. Plus there are some things you can’t do when watched by cameras that Cass wouldn’t be against in some cases.

But Kyle quickly shut her down on coming, saying it would raise too much tension. “And you going wouldn’t? Just because you’re someone’s sibling doesn’t mean they don’t see you like they see all other cops.” Cass said, smiling a bit with Kyle’s correction of being called a cop. It was cute that he was proud to be more than just a cop, and Cass often teased him about it, purposely saying cop instead of their actual title. But she did understand where he was coming from. Atleast they had background and previous relations with Kyle, even if they didn’t know yet. “How about this. I’ll come, but stay out and scoping out the place. Better than sitting here, I promise to get the reports done tomorrow during lunch.” Cassandra said as she grabbed her jacket getting ready to leave. “Plus back-up in case things get out of control.” She said with a wink as she left the station.

Agent Cassandra was one to hate stake-out vans and never understood how people just accept a plumbing van or electrical van being sat in front of a residence for so long, or when the people who owned that residence would question why a van was in front of their house. Cass decided to take a vehicle from the repo yard to use as her vehicle for the night out, taking a honda civic with just minor damage but clean interior. “Eh, good enough.” She said as she signed out the keys and headed to the address she got out of Kyle when he finally agreed to her staking out.

When Cass arrived at the residence, she could tell she was early, which she knew she would be since Kyle gave her a rough time that they were expected to show up. Though within 10 minutes of her being there a taxi showed up and dropped off a black haired woman she hadn’t seen before, nor at the party or memorial service. But when the girl turned around she recognized her face, the best friend that was distraught, Rebecca Cruze. The girl must have been going through some rough times, especially after the attack that Cass had heard about from Kyle, and changed her look. “Interesting, definitely be something to ask about during questioning.” She commented to herself and took notes. As time went by more people showed up but no one out of the ordinary, and even eventually seeing Kyle and his Sister show up.

That was until a black car parked across the street and infront of two vehicles in front of where Cassandra was parked. She couldn’t see who it was or how many people there were until they crossed the street. Alexander Yang, and whatever associates he had, them all splitting up but Cass had no idea what they had said or what they were doing. Cass quickly took out her phone and texted Kyle.

Alexander Yang arrived, some others with him as well. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I feel something is off. You know the signal if you need me.

Agent Cassandra sent the message and went back to keeping an eye out and noting anything she felt was important, not expecting a reply from Kyle as she assumed he was busy.