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located in New York, a part of the way we were, one of the many universes on RPG.

New York



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Character Portrait: Soren Bowers Character Portrait: Erin Monahan Character Portrait: Kyle Monahan Character Portrait: Rebecca Cruze Character Portrait: Nathan Miller Character Portrait: Alexander Yang Character Portrait: The New Rebecca
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N a t h a n Miller
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When Soren hugged him, Nate was taken aback slightly. They had been friends, sure, but he hadn’t ever thought of them as particularly close. Not that he minded, of course. He returned the hug without hesitation, though anyone that saw his face would have noticed the mild confusion. Still, he smiled as Soren let him go and said a simple, “Of course I came.” As if it hadn’t ever been a debate in his mind, and as if Soren never should have questioned it. His tone was gentle, though, and not at all meant to make Soren feel bad if he doubted it. When Soren mentioned being his wingman, Nate tried to see who his friend had eyes on, but he couldn’t pick out who Soren had them walking towards. He’d never really played wingman for Soren before, and started making a mental list of his strengths as they started walking.

When Soren stumbled, Nate reached out to help him regain balance, and concern crossed his face for a moment, “Hey, maybe you should sit down for a minute.” He placed a hand on Soren’s shoulder, hoping it came off as a friendly gesture, despite how it was meant to keep the man from walking away, “Just to get your head clear. Maybe we can catch up a little?”

He was just about to lead Soren to somewhere a little calmer to sit and hopefully clear his head, when he spotted some purposeful moment out of the corner of his eye. He turned to see Becca walking towards who he now recognized as one of the detectives on Lauren’s case. She looked upset, and he knew that this had the potential to not end well. He wanted to be over there, mostly because he didn’t want anyone getting into any more trouble than they were already in, but he wasn’t willing to leave Soren alone in the state he was in. He sighed and wrapped an arm around Soren’s shoulders, a gesture that would indicate a closer friendship than they had ever had. He started leading them in the direction Rebecca was quickly moving, and he spoke quickly, but quietly, to Soren as they walked. “We’re going to try to keep things as civil as we can over here. Stay calm. Keep your hands to yourself. Try to stay quiet. If things go south I don’t want it to come back to you, okay?”

They didn’t get there until after Becca shoved the cop, and Nate shot a glance at Lex, as if to ask why the hell he didn’t stop that. Thankfully enough, Erin showed up around the same time, and Nate figured she could do more to calm Rebecca than he could. But when Becca shrugged Erin’s hand off her shoulder, he stepped beside Rebecca, saying, “You know I have your back,” His voice was low, and it he was partially speaking so as not to alarm her as he gently grabbed her hand, trying to get her to take a step back, “But we really don’t need to start anything tonight.”

What Erin said surprised him, though, and he found himself letting Rebecca’s hand slip through his. He more heard the slap than saw it, but the words that were spoked afterwards, and Becca’s reaction to them, are what really made him spring into action. He shouted, “Hey!” As he scooped Becca up by the waist, holding her up against his torso, “Stop it!” He swore as Becca kicked and flailed, “You had better have a hell of an explanation!” That was, of course, directed at Erin. He took several steps back before turning around and setting Becca down, spinning her around and grabbing her harshly by the shoulders to force her to look at him. He’d never been rough with her before, but he wanted to end this nonsense, “I need you to stop. Do you wanna hear her out, or do you wanna take a walk with me?”