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One of the Remnant soldiers, who was a woman, frowned at Theory but kept riding.


Ten-Shots, a square tower of a man, ushered the thralls to the barn. Qunith kept looking over their shoulder, at the fire-fight at the gatehouse, to see if they could make out any sign of the attackers- but to no avail.

"Hurry on up, Sudea!" Ten-Shots called to the two. He had long, brown mutton chops braided to his nips and a large, brown overcould. He held the barn door open as long as he could as the thralls and the remaining children entered.

Qunith and Talideth entered to find in the centre of the barn a good ten or so of the fort's inhabitants- mainly the children, the teens, and the red-haired Mrs. Mason.

"Right," Ten-Shots grunted, turning to a frail woman beside him. Her name was Lorfyn, Qunith had overheard whilst in the field. They kissed. "Keep 'em safe, my dear," Ten-Shots nodded to the woman. Lorfyn, a dark skinned beauty with a large rifle, nodded fiercely. Ten-Shots gave one more glance at the gathered innocents before exiting.

Qunith frowned at the scene and then turned to Talideth. "Her right leg is injured," Qunith commented, nodding to Lorfyn who stood at the entranceway watchfully. "Would be an easy thing to snap."