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located in Barden, VA, a part of the wicked game, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Red Witch | Mask | Outfit | #571616
xxx Yeah someone pour it in
xxx Make it a dirt dance floor again
xxx Say your prayers and stomp it out
xxx When they bring that in
xxx Bleed it out digging deeper just to throw it away


Luciana usually wouldn’t have cared too much about this mysterious meeting, but honestly was bored and wanting something to do instead of sitting home watching a movie or planning some new job to make money or terrorise the city of Barden. Plus she did some research and a few of the other villains and acquaintances that Lucy had would also be coming to the meeting that was called. So worse case scenario, she’d know at least a few of the people either planning to attack her or at least go down with people she doesn’t hate, well some.

During the day Luciana went to one of her favourite stores, Off the Record but By the Book. She strolled the aisles for a little bit before finally digging through some records and pulling out a Death of a Scam Artist and heading up to the counter. Lucy frequently came here to just browse and really enjoyed the atmosphere that the owner Aaron had set up. Dimly lit in most areas but did have some corners more lit if people wanted to chill and read. Luciana also would people. As she got to the counter she saw one of the other regulars behind the counter on a stool, a cute red headed girl.

“Hey, is Aaron around?” Lucy asked the Girl, taking a second to take a long over her. Luciana let out a chuckle when the girl called out Aaron, something about her seemed familiar, with how she said what she said as well as how she looked. Butshe just shrugged it off as seeing her around the store. “I like your style, don’t think I caught your name. You’re a regular around here aren’t you?” Luciana asked with a light smile, and learning the girls name, Kieran. Aaron quickly came out front the back. “Hey! Was wondering if my MouseRat Vinyl came in.” She asked as she turned her attention to Aaron. Luciana pulled out her bloody crossbones clutch, and handed him the cash. She didn’t own any credit cards, or have a bank account. She even paid Atticus cash for rent as she didn't want her name tied to the apartment. It was all too easy to track and cash was easier to pay for things. “Thanks again.” Luciana gave Aaron and Kieran a light smile and wave as she left.

Lucy didn’t do much prep for tonight besides trying to convince her housemate Atticus, or Icarus, to come. She wore her infamous mask and cheap ripped of clothes she would normally wear when being the Red Witch. She knew better to wear anything nice when being a villain as it tends to get damaged during fights since she needs to often make herself bleed to fight, she knew she had an appearance to keep even if there would be other villains here. Most didn’t know of her life outside of her crimes besides Piper and Atticus, and she wanted to keep it that way. Less friends you have the less likely to be betrayed, it’s why she tends to keep more acquaintances than actual friends.

The Red Witch chuckled as Icarus made some remarks next to her. “First off, cliche is fun sometimes, you know that. Also if it was really dangerous, you would’ve had some thoughts on that head of yours. I’m still waiting for my fortune you know.” She said in reply as the two nears the warehouse before exiting the alley way that was across from the warehouse. The two knew better to just travel in plain sight, especially in their current looks. Luciana took a glance around but didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. “And beside, Aboleth said she’d be here, she could just make whoever attacks us attack themselves.” She said, only partially joking before crossing the street and finding the entrance to the warehouse.

“Now you can stay hidden off and go looking around if you want, but I aim to welcome whoever decides to send these messages...” Red Witch paused for a second, pulling out her knife and making a small cut on her hand and giving a small wink through her mask and a grin that Atticus couldn’t see. “...with peace or with blood.” The cut seemed to drip once or twice before Lucy pulled the blood running down her fingers back and stopped the bleeding for now. She had a tight control over how much she bleed as well as her wounds, small cuts didn’t seem to bother her anymore after years of doing it. Luciana walked through the very much open and spacious warehouse, not worried about being in the open, she knew Atticus would be nearby in case anything went down. Whatever or whoever was here, she wasn’t scared and was curious about it. Some might say Luciana would be reckless and an idiot for how she acted sometimes, but she knew how people thought of her and didn’t care too much if they loved her or hated her.