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located in New York, a part of the way we were, one of the many universes on RPG.

New York



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There is only one way to avoid criticism:
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With his cigarette still in his mouth Lex saw the door to Sorin's apartment open, seeing one of the people he was concerned about, Becca. Since the time they last saw each other she had changed her appearance, this made Lex even more frustrated with the events that happened on Lauren's memorial, believing that this sudden change was because of the emotional state she was in after everything that has happened to her. Several thoughts began to occupy his mind, including: if only he was there with her when she was attacked, if only he could've convinced her to stay with him to protect her, and if only those men would've followed his orders and no one else.

Lex shook those thoughts out of his mind, stubbing out his cigarette on his watch face and flicking it into a nearby trashcan, walking towards Becca and taking her hand as she invited him in. While she was guiding Lex around the apartment, noting everything of importance, he remained quiet as he tried to find anything or anyone that may be suspicious. With Becca being recently attacked he couldn't take any more chances, his hands lingering near his concealed weapon as he looked around, they all had targets on their back and he would target whoever was behind this.

When Becca spotted Sorin she made a remark on how drunk he was, something which didn't surprise Lex. "I mean... This is Sorin we're talking about. Nothing new about him drinking in excess." He chuckled lightly after saying that before noticing that Becca didn't seem to hear him as she was staring in Sorin's direction. Wanting to understand what was bothering her Lex looked in the direction she was and saw the officer who had questioned him.

Becca began to walk towards that officer and concerned for her and what she may do Lex followed after her, grabbing a drink as he did. When Becca began to question the officer, who was dressed in civilian attire which made Lex question whether or not he was here undercover or for another reason, Lex's phone alerted him of an incoming message. Looking down at his phone he saw that the message was from Pri, curious as to what she had messaged him, he opened the message and read it. When he had finished reading the message, Lex looked up to see Becca push the officer. As Becca looked towards Lex he felt her need for help, sighing and walking closer to the two. He began to talk to the officer, saying "Look, I don't know why you're here and I really do not care. I believe for everyone here we should just forget about everything that just took place..."

Before he could continue Lex was interrupted by Erin, who had just walked up to us, stating that she had invited the officer and that she could explain why. Considering how close the once were and that Erin could probably smooth the situation better than him, since she seemed to personally know the officer, Lex was willing to give her the chance she needed to explain everything to everyone. While rubbing his temple with his eyes closed, Lex said to Erin, "Alright... you should probably start talking before anything else..."

Before he could finish talking Lex was interrupted by Erin. Just before Erin could call Becca a bitch the sound of someone being slapped could be heard all over the apartment. Alarmed Lex opened his eyes to see that Becca had just slapped Erin before being held back from doing anything further by Nate, who exclaimed how Erin better have 'a hell of' an explanation. Sorin, in his drunken stupor, began to say his piece before he began to hesitate between statements. Apparently whatever he was trying to say was hard for him to reveal to everyone here but Erin seemed to know what he was getting at, how close the two have been this wasn't a surprise.

After all of this had gone down Pri must've arrived as Lex saw her smiling at him. Seeing her arrive made the accumulating tension in Lex's mind slightly release, if anyone could help him better control this situation it would be her. Lex walked towards her, giving the drink he had grabbed earlier to Pri, before he whispered to her, "Here's that drink you wanted... You sure picked one hell of a time to arrive." Lex laughed a little, putting an arm around her shoulder and walking towards the main group before continuing. "Hopefully things will calm down now that we're here together... but I'm guessing that's unlikely."

By the time Lex and Pri had walked back towards the group they could hear Erin talking to the officer, calling him Kyle. It was at this moment that everything Erin was talking about began to click in Lex's mind. The officer who was investigating the group had been Erin's brother Kyle and he was here at the party for personal reasons, most likely because he was invited by Erin. Lex began to sigh as he thought that this misunderstanding could've all been avoided if Erin had just messaged everyone beforehand but he couldn't really be upset with her because she didn't have to. She didn't have any obligations towards any of them to reveal anything.

Erin, now frustrated and no longer capable of restraining herself, started to cuss out Sorin and began to express, in part, things that were bothering her. Lex could feel her pain as she expressed herself and everything she went through. When she mentioned about the situation with him and Pri, Lex couldn't help but feel the emotions he felt during that time. As Erin continued to vent Lex saw the tears begin to form in her eyes before they began to fall.

When she had finished and had told Sorin 'to go fuck' himself, Lex looked towards Sor who had approached Erin before being pushed back by her. Lex noticed there was something a little strange as Sor began to stumble back and clutch to a chair. Concerned for Sor, despite everything they went through, Lex let go of Pri and began to walk towards Sor. As soon as Sor's apology to Erin came out of his mouth he collapsed, hitting the floor with a loud thud.

Lex rushed towards Sor but was unable to grab him before he hit the floor. Kneeling down next to the unconscious Sor, Lex laid the back of his hand across Sor's head checking his temperature and was confused when Sor's skin was cold and clammy. Not wanting to panic right away Lex placed his index and middle finger next to Sor's windpipe, where the carotid artery should be located, while watching his watch as Lex attempted to take note of Sor's pulse. Lex had a hard time doing this as Sor's pulse was very weak but when he finally got a grasp of it he noticed how fast it was. It was also at this moment that he noticed Sor's lips turn blue.

"Fuck..." Lex exclaimed as he looked down at his phone, thinking about what he should do. Something was wrong with Sor and if Lex's fears were right it was most likely what had happened to Lauren. Of course this could be an overreaction on Lex's part but with Sor unconscious he didn't feel like he could take any chances. He thought about how fast an ambulance could get here and back and decided that it would be too slow. Lex decided that he would call his men up to help, messaging the two patrolling the building to come up, while trying to formulate a plan with those here with him.

"Look... everyone shut the fuck up and listen to me!" Lex shouted, loud enough for everyone in the apartment to hear him, while standing up. "Something is wrong with Sor, most likely a heart problem from what I've checked but I'm not a medical professional. If anyone here is can you please take a look at him... I would rather not act before knowing what's wrong but if no one can help in this aspect I plan on taking him to the nearest hospital as soon as possible." While looking over the crowd he started to think about what else he could do to make sure that he was as prepared to address this issue as possible, not noticing if anyone did check Sor.

Lex looked over towards Erin and Kyle, saying"I know you've gone through a lot, we all have, and we all have a lot of things that is bothering us and tearing us down. We all lost someone who was once close to us and I doubt that any of us wants to lose someone else... Say I'm overreacting or whatever the hell else you want but if I'm the one concerned for this fucking asshole then there probably is something fucking wrong... We can all continue talking out our shit later but what matters right now, this very fucking moment, is Sor."

After saying that Lex looked directly at Kyle, saying, "If no one here is capable of reversing whatever is happening to Sor, I need to know if you have a police cruiser, or sirens, anything we can use so we can transport Sor to the hospital as quickly as possible. I've got my ride downstairs in that instance we don't and can take Sor as well as our group there... and I have some men coming upstairs to help us, if needed." Lex's mind was running at a thousand miles and hour trying to think of anything else he could personally do to help but the stress was starting to get to him, he began to feel lightheaded.

Lex stumbled a bit before regaining his composure, grabbing a glass of alcohol nearby and chugging it, trying to calm himself. Now looking at Nate, who was still holding Becca, he said, "You can probably let go of her now..." With his mind still racing Lex looked towards Pri with a look that tried to convey what he was thinking. He was thinking if there was anything else that they could do and if there was anyone who could answer Lex it would be Pri. Pri was his closest friend and with everything going on he knew that he hadn't been as supportive to her as he could be. After this he knew that he needed to be there for her, and he needed to be there more for everyone, despite what they've all gone through, as well as Becca.