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t h e x t e c h n o m e d i c
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Axodyndra, a city nestled in the heart of the Biotechnology sector of Sol that people knew for the the its renown Guild of Surgeons that operated within its heart. The citizens here were the healthiest of all of Sol, and people came from all of her corners to find care here. If one was sick, this was the place to be. It was a place of hope because the talent that resides here is of the kind that benefits the whole. It is a great metropolis lined with hospitals, clinics and more specialized care like prosthetics, cosmetic - if it has to do with the Human body, you will find it here in Axodyndra. The streets bustled daily and it was always lively - day in and day out.

The Guild of Surgeons met here; an apprenticeship academy dedicated to building the next generation of doctors. The heads of this school are the best of the medical geniuses dedicated to perfecting precision technology that would assist them in more tedious operations. It was basically a bunch of nerds in goggles, white coats, legal cadavers, and more - all sitting around discussing their latest research, experimenting, and taking the time out of their busy lives to further academia with lectures and labs for potentials. Laeliah, of course, was one of these professional members and taught a few classes herself. It's Director involved the academic board in more than just biotech, but was also highly sought by other sectors. Laeliah, herself, worked with the Military sector.

Yet, all places have their dark corners, and this city was of no exception. They alleyways at night were treacherous, and the people that you thought you knew to be caring and helpful moonlighted under a rampant black market. Though it is not infamous enough to be known to the outsider, people disappeared here. Axodyndra is well-known for its more than exceptional medical practices, but the allure of selling body parts and cadavers for medical science, concocting insidious stimulants and drugs, finding new ways to alter the human form - and that is only the tip of this iceberg that is majorly concealed beneath the city's perfect image. Travel here by day and you will see the crowds, but at night - well - that is a different and startling discovery all on its own.

But that is neither here nor there at this point and time. Today had been a typical day from morning until the very moment that will come. After awakening, if once could call what she did actual sleep, she bathed, threw on clothes, forewent breakfast, and headed straight out of the one-bedroom place she occupied. Laeliah was a minimal kind of gal, and she only needed one other thing - a place to be busy in. Where she slept was naught but a fleeting moment in the grand scale of her lifespan. It was lived in, messy, likely needed a good dusting, and could hardly be called a decent home.

She was greeted by the cool morning air; the scent of sand infused with the slight hint of medical run-off from various buildings. Heavy boots stomped along the barren ground as she rounded her residential space to the back. The bulkhead door on the ground in the back. After her fingers danced along the keys with a beep-boop-beep, it hissed softly and she pried it open by the handles. This led to the flickering of sterile lights and the eventual illumination of a long and narrow staircase. Once she was at the bottom, she grabbed hold of a white lab coat, threw it on, then placed her goggles over her eyes.

The large space lit up gradually - one row of lights at a time before a pristine laboratory was revealed. It was truly hard to believe that this existed underneath her abysmal living conditions. Some women liked shoes and fancy things, but she loved her lab. It was her life. It was her space. The only space where she could be herself without worrying about everyone else. She spent a considerable amount of time here preparing for Efevretón day year after year. This year would be her time to shine. She just knew it - knew it in her heart.

She had been lent a set of armor tech by a good friend that would typically be worn by Sol's military personnel. Her goal was to reduce the rate of casualties due to a lack of swift response by a combat medic. This was her favorite part of being an inventor. It was a marriage of her father's vision and her mother's dream.

She grabbed a black marker, popped the cap off, and placed it between her lips - ink tip out, of course. She placed herself in front of a glass board that had things scrawled on it that could only be understood by a few people. Lae quirked her jaw from side-to-side, pursed her lips, placed a hand at a hip, and looked very pensive in one of those utterly nerdy extremes. She used another hand to push her goggles up, wiggled her nose, and seemed to have an 'aha' moment.

"The hemosensors still don't activate the tensor fibers of the bodysuit for optimal compression just yet," she said to herself, of course. There was no one else here by her. However, something was listening, and that something inanimate - a recording device. It triggered whenever the lights came on because, even being the perfectionist that she is, sometimes she forgets this part. Recording was the most important aspect of being a scientist and a visionary. She scribbled some things on the board, adjusted a few numbers, and then took another step back to observe. "I'm going to have to rework the math, but I believe we are close."

Satisfied with the thought of more calculations and yet another excuse to hermit away, she capped the writing utensil and set it on a nearby table.

It's very quiet in here. So much so that one could hear a pin drop, even past the gentle whirring of tech. So, when Lae heard a noise above the steps at the door to her lab, she knew something was amiss. "It would seem that my time has come," she said softly, knowingly. A grim knot settled in her stomach. She was too close. Too close to usurping the beloved seats of Tekhne from the family that stole it from her mother many, many years ago. "In the event of my death, of which I am certain is now," she began narrating to the recording device. It was hard to find as it is embedded in the electrical unit of her lab. "- one should look into the second Tekhne of Biotechnology. She knows that I have been getting closer to giving the government of Sol a piece of technology that will make a difference in our military. Her time has come, and she has been spying on me for several weeks."

Then again, who was she talking to? No one was going to notice she was gone.

She stood up, removed her goggles, placed them on the table, and then pressed a button to open up a drawer at her desk. From there she pulls out her rifle and gives it a good ol' tap to power the charging cell. As she did this, the hatch to the lab blew open by some charge and in rushed a gang of men with high-powered zapping devices, blasters of various types, and other very threatening paraphernalia.

"Hello, boys," she greets with that amiable tone. Typically, Lae did not condone unnecessary violence or crazy shoot-outs. However, today was different. This was her life, and if her life was not worth the fight - her technology was. "You really don't have to do this, you know. If you think that all of you are going to get out of here alive, you will be sorely mistaken."

"Listen, Lae, it's nothing personal. This is business," one of the thuggish men sighs as if this was something hard to do. "You can just give us the documents and the tech, and we will be out of your hair. No one has to die."

Give up her life's work? The thought was simply this: I'd feel dead without it anyway.

The laboratory erupted into a cacophony of blaster fire, crashes, bangs, technology dying, lights dimming - screams, yells, grunts. These things that no one would hear after the hatch was closed again. This lasted for only a few short moments that, to the involved person, seemed to last a lifetime.

In the end, there was only quiet darkness. Just when one thought that perhaps there would be this shadowy unknowing, the lights began to flicker to life once more. Blood coated otherwise sterile floors, and there was a lumbering body slumped over a desk. Then another in a heap on the floor. A bit further was a glass board with a splatter of blood on its heavily markered surface. Beneath that was Laeliah, lifeless with her back against it and head lolled forward until her chin was at her chest. She was only kind of missing her face.

The remaining men took everything that she had - documents, tech, and more. Yet, they left the recording device behind unknowingly, and these walls could, in fact, speak. Someone just has to look for it.