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located in Sky's Edge, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

Sky's Edge

A planet with terrestrial features whose primary terrain is jungle. Unlike other planets within the system, it is superficially Terran in it's nature. Except for a few items of toxic plant life, the atmosphere is breathable and manageable for most humans


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Kicking the guard viciously back into the holding cell, Rei turned her attention to Almario fumbling with a nonexistent lock. "Primitive electronic system, it locks once the door shuts." She explained plainly. Things weren't exactly up to date on Sky's Edge, with some systems being positively ancient compared to elsewhere in the system or even outside of the Eradani system. "It buys some time," Rei explained as she considered her next move. She didn't know her way through the cenote, not like the men they had just used to replace themselves in the holding cell. "Best I'm able to figure is they'll have a drone come do a thermal scan and see three adults and move on. They're too lazy to do anything else." Lazy or short handed, Rei didn't care, the faction that had taken the cenote had made their choice.

"If I knew my way through this cenote, I would be out of here by now. So you can stop acting you might actually know shit, or you two idiots wouldn't be here." Granted she wasn't sure how she exactly got there herself, waking up in strange places was starting to become almost normal for her; something that she didn't like. "But if you remember your way to the surface, I'd be quite grateful." Rei drawled. She was less worried about a cave in than either of the twins, and wasn't interested in entertaining any type of self fulfilling prophecy of the sort.

In the meantime however, she would have to teach two ne'er to do wells how to shoot and not panic at the sight of someone bigger than them, in addition to finding her navigator and first mate. "Now it's not gonna do to just stand here jabbering, time to get moving. I think there's another cell not too far off, likely up toward the entrance, I heard something awhile back." It seemed likely to her that whatever had sent half of the other guys running would only work to their benefit for so long. But she couldn't have asked for a more perfect distraction than what Pale had done, never mind the fact that she had yet to have any knowledge of the other bug.

"Besides.. five against three is good odds and not odd goods." Rei grinned at the other two.