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located in New York, a part of the way we were, one of the many universes on RPG.

New York



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Character Portrait: Soren Bowers Character Portrait: Erin Monahan Character Portrait: Kyle Monahan Character Portrait: Rebecca Cruze Character Portrait: Nathan Miller Character Portrait: Alexander Yang Character Portrait: Khepri Mahajan
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Rebecca Cruze
outfit : herex|xhex: #696969
xxxI act like I don’t fuckin care,
xxxLike they ain’t even there,
xxxI act like I don’t fuckin care,
xxxCuz I’m so fuckin scared,


Rebecca was getting a little annoyed waiting for this cop to respond or react to her, sort of expecting something more out of the cop. When someone put her hand on her shoulder Becca quickly shrugged it off and turned to see who it was, still a bit of fire in her eyes. She was surprised it was Erin trying to calm down Becca, and she was even more surprised when she was taking the cops side, even saying she brought him here. She was shocked, this cop and his buddies were saying any of Lauren’s close friends murdered her, interrogating Soren and making him feel terrible and throwing the possible blackmail in his face. “What the fuck do you mean ‘you brought him here?’” Becca asked, not moving. She felt another presence next to her and heard Nate’s voice saying he had her back, but right now she just had her eyes on Erin.

At first Becca was listening to Erin when she said it would make sense, but then she started lecturing her about what she should and shouldn’t do. This just added fuel to Rebecca’s fire and before Erin could get the next word out Becca slapped her across the face, and then lightly pulled back from Nate. “How dare you! Look at Soren! He’s distraught, because this guy and his cop buddies interrogated him.” She shouted over Nate. Then Erin insulted her slap which set Becca off more, luckily Nate lifted up and by her waist and carried her a few more feet away from Erin before it could get ugly, entire time she was struggling and telling him to let her go.

Nate finally set her down but was still holding her in place, still a tight enough grip so she wouldn’t be able to charge Erin. “Fine. And I don’t want to go outside. I’m fine being inside. Just… me a bitch? She brought this asshole here.” Becca pleaded with Nate, a little bit of a frown but could still be seen as angry. When Soren and Erin started to argue she wanted to go back over there but Nate just whispered to her no and held her in place. As She listened she was surprised by one of the first thing’s that came out of Erin’s mouth. Kyle. This cop was Kyle. And it slowly started to make sense, that's why Erin had invited him here. Not as a cop, but as their friend.

But then Erin started going off on Soren. Erin shouldn’t be saying those things to Soren, even with all the drama, he didn’t deserve it. But Becca started to feel a little bad when she was yelling about how everyone left her and Becca just stopped struggling. It was true. Rebecca left town as soon as she could, even if everyone else stuck around while she did her senior year. She didn’t just leave town, she left the country and didn’t really stay in contact with anyone, including her.

When Soren fell Rebecca was shocked and scared, and quickly broke off Nate’s now loose grip and went to his side. “Soren? Soren talk to me, wake up.” She quickly said, choking up a little bit between her words. Then Lex and Nate started talking, explaining what was going on. “No… not you too…” Becca mumbled out. First she lost Lauren, she couldn’t lose Soren as well. She was brought out of her trance when Nate asked her about the medication. “I… Uh… He mentioned it earlier, but I think he said something about forgetting to take them or something.” Rebecca said looking sorrowful into Nate’s eyes and looking around the room, her eyes stopping on Kyle. “Wait, you’re a cop. Call this in, or something!” She shouted before turning back to Soren and tightening her grip on his hand. “Please…”

Agent Cassandra Heiks
outfit : herex|xhex: #085721
xxxGot a jail on my heart from the pessimists
xxxGot those nails in my mouth for impressionists
xxxSpent too much money on a therapist
xxxCouldn't fix me, I accepted it


Cassandra sat in the car with low music and taking notes on what she was seeing going on. Typical party things, people being drunk, making out on the porch swing, drunks yelling. Nothing illegal yet exactly, but even if they did start being a ruckus and disturbing the peace she would have to stay quiet as to let these people mourn and not cause any more drama for Kyle. Cass specifically took note on Khepri Mahajan arrive later than everyone else. “Looks like the whole gang showed up tonight…” She said as she took down the time of her arriving and underling some other key points for her to focus on.

Then there was a scream that made Cass sit up, as if something happened. But Cassandra didn’t want to rush in since people screaming was typical at parties so it could have just been that, but then some of the guys that showed up with Alexander Yang quickly rushed inside. Something didn’t feel right with what was going on and she was about to run inside as well when her phone went off. Not an email notification, or someone checking in on her, but a phone call from her partner Kyle. Cass quickly answered the phone and listened to Kyle, barely able to make out what was going on. “What? God damnit. Bring him outside.” She said before hanging up and quickly starting the car.

After pulling up onto the curb and honking for people to get out of the way Agent Cassandra hopped out and opened the back door for Soren, who Kyle had told him was overdosing. She dug through the trunk and quickly found the attachable police siren and attached it to the roof and hooked it up while the others put Soren in the back seat. “Whoa. I can’t fit everyone inside this dinky piece of shit. Two more people tops. I’m your best chance of getting him somewhere to live so no arguing.” Cass said as she climbed into the driver seat and waited for the others to get in. “Kyle, get a handle on this party.” She revved the engine and turned on the siren. “And be safe.” Cassandra finished flashing a smile before pulling off and speeding down the road.

Driving to the nearest hospital wouldn’t take too long, but Cassandra knew they didn’t have much more time and sped through traffic, calling in situation as well. “This is Agent Cassandra Heiks, I have a possible overdose of a suspect. Soren Bowers. 10-45C. On route to NYC Metropolitan Hospital.” At the moment traffic laws didn’t matter as she sped through lights and stop signs with her siren on and honking for people to get out of her way. “How is he doing back there?” Cass asked she rounded a corner.

When the car finally arrived at the hospital Cassandra skidded to a stop at the ER entrance where a stretcher was already waiting for them. She put the car in parked and quickly got out giving the small information she was given. “Possible overdose, also a mixture of alcohol. Was given this bottle saying this is what he was taking by some witnesses at the scene. Name Soren Bowers.” Cass quickly told them as they took Soren into the back and then turning her attention back to the two that came with her. Two suspects in Lauren’s murder, and now two witness to another suspect overdosing. “Now… what happened.”