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❝Make them hate the fake, that way they won't see the real you.❞

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|| Azalea|| Nano.ripe ||

"Winter Matsuri - innocent victim misunderstood by society?" Gordon Grant released an article in the Chrysanthemum Howler, this time on the front page considering all the controversy of yesterday. They released all the required information given to them by the as of yet anonymous government agent who requested to keep their ID a secret so that they wouldn't be re-erased. The article went into detail about how Winter was just a country girl who came to Chrysanthemum and wanted to have a fun night with her family and her friends. Because of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, her world went upside down, she was given strange powers, she lost everyone she loved, she was dragged by the government to be put into care. "But the care was actually tests, as evidenced by these images and videos." Gordon Grant had written. "This was too much stress for the 12 year old girl, what 12 year old girl wouldn't lash out to protect herself?"

A traumatized 12 year old girl, put on trial for a crime she did not commit, mere days after losing all of her friends and family. She was all alone with no support group, no allies, only a cold hearted government staring her down, intending to have her locked away forever.

With the release of the new information, things became a lot more turbulent. What was the truth? What was the lie? Sure, there was an angry mob, but there was an equally sized group of peaceful protesters, picketing with their signs, pleading for Winter to be given a fair chance at life, that even with powers, she was just a young girl in awful circumstances. The streets were chaotic now thanks to Those who Slither in the Dark, or whatever it was Elise heard 012 talking about. Among the peaceful protesters, Elise caught sight of Serenity and Mercedes, bringing in the whole of the Chrysanthemum City Center to vie for Winter's innocence and good nature. They highlighted her achievements at the City Center, and how she would be dearly missed.

Elise was doing something a little more useful.

In the same area she was before when the Slithers found her, Elise was there again. The rain was pouring, as it always was, and she held her parasol bravely in the air. Her dominant arm was in a cast but really, by now, she was used to using things with her right arm now. She needed to set things straight with the Slithers because she didn't want to risk them leaking the fact that she, too, was a weather girl. She was already a famous celebrity, she didn't want to be known as a vassal as well. This part of the Chrysanthemum was lawless. Criminals and scum lived here, the low lives of society. Would they come? Would they show their faces?

"Is there a reason you're out here again?" 012 grinned at her, standing warily apart as usual. "Who would have thought that the black eagle who hid herself away from the world would show up at such a dangerous place two nights in a row?" This time she was here for a reason. "Vincent." Unfortunately 012 was here to ruin her day. Luckily, she had Vincent with her for real this time. He appeared from the shadows, as if he were a ghost, or a specter. "At your side, milady." He did a small bow, staring down 012 through his monocle'd eye. "I'm not here to fight, whoa there. I just want to know. Why are you here? You were attacked just last night, Elise, this isn't like you."

Elise had to portray the selfless girl who only wanted to protect her friend. "You people won't let me see my friend. So I'm taking drastic measures to finding things out on my own. Why was Winter sent to another school? Who leaked that video?" Her ruby eyes smouldered as the rain splashed against the tiles on the ground. "You really want to see her again? Will you stop going to dangerous places if I make a request?" No, she didn't particularly care about Winter, but it was the role she had to act. "We're not the ones who made the video. That's all you need to know, little missy." She wasn't going to have this kind of attitude.

"You stalked me for the last week. I'm no longer uninvolved. You took my friend from me, and you won't tell me anything." Her goal was to track down the Slithers, but she supposed questioning 012 was just as helpful, though for a different reason. "Fine, I'll put in a good word for you to be allowed on Winter's approved contacts list. Is what you want?" She shook her head. "009 won't allow it. But I do need something. You must tell your higher ups to take better care of Winter's mental health. Instead of discipline and isolation, treat her with care and love." Her eyes grew darker. Really, how stupid could a government be? "You want her to stop making blizzards? Make her happy. Make her stable. Or is that too hard for a big fancy tax-money taking all-mighty government to do?"

012 grinned, amused again at the feisty Elise von Hresvelg. "Alright, fine. I'll make a very opinionated message to me superiors. I'll send them spam mail." He winked at her then, and Elise glowered at him, pursing her lip. "But you make sure you stop putting yourself in danger. You're a kid - leave the Slithers to us adults." She gave a fake smile and nodded. "If you can prove that you the Slithers aren't part of your government, that would be a whole lot easier." She turned to Vincent, dismissing 012 now. "Take me home." Vincent nodded, as dutiful as ever. "Always at your service, milady."