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āI put my arms around myself and I'm unbreakable.āž

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|| Demon Slayer || LiSA ||

"Checkmate," she pushed the button on the timer, glancing at her opponent, Doc. "Very good, it seems you've beaten me yet again. You know, I used to consider myself something of a chess prodigy before meeting you." He chuckled, rising from his seat. "Now, let's take a look at those legs of yours." She pushed back from the table, her feet bare, since there was no point in wearing shoes inside of her room. There was a glass wall that overlooked the garden, it seemed they had a bit more trust in her, upgrading her to a larger room with a view. Doc rolled up his sleeves, looking at her legs. They were cold to the touch, still discolored. "Can you feel this?" He asked, using a pen cap to poke the bottom of her feet. "The pressure, but not the sensation." If that made any sense. He nodded, "how about this?" He poked the back of her calf. "No, nothing." She felt tears well up in the corner of her eyes again. "There, there, it's going to be alright. We'll get to the bottom of this," Doc pat her head. His phone rang, his eyes narrowed. "What does 012 want now?" He grumbled, waving before he left.

Winter wheeled herself to the window. She hadn't touched any of the instruments yet, she wasn't in the mood to play. It was a beautiful sunny day outside, if not ruined by the people protesting outside the building. She didn't know whether they were for or against her, but she didn't care. The door opened, Dr. Hellen, the Psychologist, had arrived. "Winter, I've come to check on you." She smiled, but Winter did not return it. "Do you want to talk?" She asked, pulling out a chair. "Not really, no. There's nothing to talk about," she ran a hand through her hair in slight frustration, pulling at the ends. Hellen guided her hands away gently, "you have beautiful hair, it would be a shame if you started pulling it out." She smiled, her hand giving Winter's a squeeze. "A man named Gordon Grant launched a counter-campaign, he's trying to show people that there's nothing to be afraid of."

She handed her tablet to Winter to read, but Winter wasn't interested. "I don't need to read my own life story. I've already had to live through it enough times." She leaned back in the wheelchair, mentally and physically exhausted. "Winter, you know you can always tell me what's on your mind?" Winter nodded, but she couldn't, because everything she said had to be reported back. "My life is ruined, I just wanted to be normal. I wanted to go to normal school, do normal teenage things and now, through no fault of my own, I can never leave this building again." Hellen nodded, "Well, I wouldn't say never again. Once this all blows over, I'm sure you'll be able to-" she stopped, noticing the ice creeping up Winter's hand from inside her glove.

"Winter, talk to me, tell me what you're feeling."

"I hate everything, I hate myself the most." She whispered, her voice hoarse, her tears freezing to her cheeks. "Hey, don't say that." Dr. Hellen reached over, picking the ice tears off of her cheeks. "I don't want this, I don't want this life anymore." Hellen hugged her, even if they were not supposed to have physical contact. She had her own daughter at home, who was the same age as Winter. "And there's this voice in my head, this awful voice and it keeps telling me to just accept it so it won't hurt anymore." Obviously Dr. Hellen misinterpreted that bit, "Winter, don't listen to that voice. You're a very important girl, you're one of a kind. Alright? Is there anyone you want to see or talk to? Any friends from school?"

She was about to say no, then- "Claude and Elise Von Hreslevg." She hated Claude, ever since she had met him her life had slowly spiraled downwards, but she knew that he was the only one that could help her. She would approve Elise too, since she had saved her from the kidnapping, it only made sense that she would want to see someone that had saved her once before. "Anyone else? I'll make sure to reach out to them." She jotted their names down, looking up to Winter to see if there was anything else she could do. "Serenity and Mercedes, from school. I don't know their last names." Those two idiots, it was about time she spoke with them to see what they knew.

"Alright, I'm going to reach out to all of them and see if they have any interest in coming to visit. Just sit tight Winter, we're all working very hard behind the scenes right now to make sure you'll be safe." Winter knew the other half of that statement though, she had almost caused a third blizzard, they were keeping her here to protect the general public in case she lost control again. After Hellen left, Janet arrived. She was wearing her usual uniform, but today her hair was down, a rare occasion. "Hey kid," Janet rarely called her kid. "I know it doesn't make up for everything that happened, but I brought these." A coffee shake, her usual order, and a flaky pastry. "Thanks," she reached for the drink, the taste sweet.

Normally, Winter wasn't allowed these things, her dietary plan was supposed to be strictly protein and carbs, nothing too high in sugar, but Janet had grown soft on Winter, especially now, after having seen her break down.