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|| Demon Slayer || LiSA ||

Winter was supposed to go through a routine to help normalize and adjust to all of the changes. When she awoke in the morning, there were a few hours until she was meeting with Elise and Claude, should they decide to come. Winter transferred herself into the wheelchair and wheeled herself into the bathroom. She took a bath, sitting in the hot water for exactly thirty minutes and willing the ice to melt. She dragged herself out of the tub and went through her routine, brushing her teeth and hair, and picking out an outfit for her meeting. After all, she couldn't just wear pajamas all the time. She chose a blue sweater with white hearts on it and a high waisted skirt that zipped up the side. "Still a few hours," she murmured, glancing at her watch. Breakfast was set on the table, eggs and a fruit cup, juice, and pills.

They were supposed to help her regain feeling in her legs, but Winter still felt nothing. She tried not to feel frustrated after only three days, but it was hard not to. She had to switch gloves as well, not wanting to get her Mother's gloves dirty from the tires of the chair, she wore fingerless gloves for the time being, the feel of them unusual. Even if she ate slowly, there was still too much. She wheeled herself around her room, uncertain what to do, and eventually set herself upon the piano bench. She placed her legs on the peddles, wondering how she was supposed to play like this. "Don't think about it, just feel." Winter whispered, settling her hands on the keys. Slowly she played, a sad, slow tune. It was as though someone was standing over her, crying. "I didn't know you could make a piano weep."

"Don't scare me like that!" Winter snapped, jumping. Yuuki stood behind her, were the other's Heirs around this frequently? Elise had mentioned her Heir, Ame, who was apparently begging for her to save Winter. "Can you make a piano laugh too?" He leaned over her, she pushed a few keys, a tinkling tune coming out. Yuuki laughed, sitting in her wheelchair, playing with it. "What's this do?" He asked, turning one of the wheels and spinning in a circle. "That propels me since you decided to paralyze my legs." She glowered, remembering that she was mad at him. "I warned you, didn't I?" He held out a hand, but Winter knew better than to take it. "Keep rejecting me and it's just gonna spread." He rose, dusting off his robe.

"I told you that I accepted you and I got no answer!" She snapped, frustrated, afraid. "No, you said you did, but your heart is still saying no. You've gotta feel it in here," he placed a hand against her chest, her cheeks flaring up. "Pervert!" Instead of getting angry, he laughed, jumping away when she tried to hit him. "Accept it Winter, when you do, it'll stop hurting." He disappeared like a snowflake melting in the heat. There was a knock on the door, then it opened. "Winter? Your friends are here." Dr. Hellen smiled, seeming relieved that they had come. Winter nodded, "I'll be there in a moment." She transferred back into her chair and wheeled herself down the hall, knowing the way to the meeting room already.

They were there, sitting in two of the five chairs. Hellen removed one, giving Winter a big enough space to park herself in. "I'll be just outside if anyone needs anything," Dr. Hellen promised, closing the door behind her. It was to give them the illusion of privacy, but it was easy enough to tell by the four cameras in every corner just how private it truly was. Elise was wearing a new mask today, it seemed, one of compassion. She was a good actress, if Winter didn't know any better, it might've fooled her. "Hey," she gave a half-wave. "I wish I could say I was doing well," she was the exact opposite of well, right now, but she would adjust, like she always did. She had received a letter from the Lovely Academy for Gifted Girls this morning, stating that they were taking back their offer of acceptance and did not want her within 500 feet of the property.

"I'm not taking things hard," she said weakly, but it was pretty obvious that it wasn't true. Elise jumped at the chance to change the subject, taking out a stack of books she had brought Winter. At first, Winter stared, blinkling dumbly. Then, oddly enough, she began to laugh. "Wow, you really do think this is a prison, don't you?" She took the books, placing them in the saddlebag on her chair. "The books only have to be approved because you can hollow them out and smuggle stuff in them." She knew because, well, experience. "Come, I'll show you my room, I'd rather talk in there anyway." She unparked her chair, pushing open the door. "Hellen, I'm taking them to my room, like a normal teenage girl would do with her friends."

Dr. Hellen straightened, having been on her phone, monitoring. "Oh! Alright, yes, that would be very good." Winter led the way, her arm strength much better than her leg strength. She was a slow walker, but on wheels, she could have been Speed Racer. Hellen opened the door to Winter's room, holding it open for them to go inside. "I'll be right out here if you need anything!" She said, closing the door behind her, the lock engaging once it was shut. "This is my room," it was large, with a simple hospital bed and vibrantly painted walls. There was a carpet in the center of the space and a wall lined with books and games of all kinds, as well as a television set. The windows let in plenty of light, illuminating the opposite wall, where her instruments were, as well as the marble piano.

There was a table with two chairs, where Winter normally ate, and another door that led to a bathroom. She placed the books Elise had gotten her on the bookshelf and turned to face them. "There's no cameras in this room, it's safe to say what you want. Help yourself to snacks or drinks from the mini fridge," She wheeled over to her bed and transferred out of her chair, preferring to sit on the more comfortable cushions. Her bed had personal items, like colorful sheets and a weighted blanket, as well as throw pillows and stuffed animals. If it weren't for the fact that it was in a government building, Winter's room was rather nice. "Elise, I need to ask about your... benefactor." Winter's expression became serious.

"Does Claude know?" She wouldn't ask these questions in front of him if Elise had yet to tell him.