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"I knew I liked you, kid!" Chorvic pointed a finger at Price. "'Cause ya remind me of myself...." Chorvic pulled his shades down the bridge of his nose to look at Price. "...a shitstirrer."

Chorvic walked over to lean against the front desk, folding his arms. "I'm in the same boat as you. Would be a wanted man all over the Matran...if they didn't think I was dead. I'm kinda okay with that, all things considered. I get to be more myself here, ya know?" Chorvic chuckled, drawing out a cigarette from his coat pocket along with a lighter.

"But...of course...ya get burned like I got burned, you just can't let go, can ya?" He asked Price. "Matran's gonna get theirs," he spoke, his voice growing more quiet. "You can be sure of that. Only thing gotta be on the right side when it happens. Meanin' ya can only screw up Arubak's plans so many times...."