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located in The Cobalt Glaive, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Cobalt Glaive

The Cobalt Glaive serves as the Mobile Home and Headquarters of the Starhawks mercenaries. It's captain is Ean Falcor, and it's crew is his family.


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Character Portrait: Rei Harkov Character Portrait: Ean Falcor Character Portrait: Feidlimid Constans
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With a sigh, The captain nods at Rei. "Good flying there, Harkov. And welcome to the Crew. Now, let's plot a course to Canus, get situated and repaired, and then we'll look for a decent gig." Ean said with a smug little smile. "Stars know we're gonna have trouble from the Aschen after all that, so the sooner we get some more credits in our pocket the better."

"Oh, and Rei, don't forget to check in with Tiffany in the medbay. Also later, the crew's gonna have a party for you, standard procedure ya know. Welcoming and all that, gives em an excuse to drink my rum." He adds with a laugh As he makes his way to his personal quarters.