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located in The Cobalt Glaive, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Cobalt Glaive

The Cobalt Glaive serves as the Mobile Home and Headquarters of the Starhawks mercenaries. It's captain is Ean Falcor, and it's crew is his family.


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Shaking her head, Rei was astonished that they were even alive. "Yeah.. thanks.. I guess." She mumbled dumbly. Now came the adrenaline crash after everything was said and done. They had survived, with the ship and most of themselves intact; sure some of them were going to be a bit battered and bruised, but they were still there and hadn't been swallowed whole by whatever collapsing singularity they had ridden to freedom on.

"I was going to before... you know all that happened," Rei protested wondering if it was even worth the energy. She had the distinct feeling that Ean Falcor and the rest of his crew did what they wanted to do, despite what others thought.

Pushing herself out of the pilot's seat slowly, Rei stood still for a moment as her equilibrium adjusted. She still couldn't believe that she'd managed as much as she had, but there was a certain self satisfaction to besting that woman who had called herself "Marlene Angel" again. Even if it was still months later from the incident out in the Rim, and not on her own. It seemed that she had been right however, that there was some amount of safety in numbers, but for how long she didn't know.

"I guess I'll go do that now we're no longer trying not to die, and I really don't want a party." She added as she headed off down towards the medbay.